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egg-sized lump under armpit

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my father in law was diagnosed with malignant melanoma a couple of weeks ago. he woke up one morning and had a goose egg-sized lump under his armpit. the lymphnode was removed and the diagnosis is mm. now, his upper arm is so pain sensitive that can barely stand his shirt touching it. the pain is needle-like and does not get better.
also, he fell last week and scraped his lower leg a little bit. however, from the knee to the tip of his toes, the leg is solid black and blue. could this severe reaction have anything to do with the mm? is delayed wound healing typical? he has not started treatment yet and i really cannot get any valid information out of him. he does not even know which stage mm he has! for some reason he either ignores the diagnosis or just does not listen to his doctor. his organs are fine and supposedly, they do not know where the cancer came from? can somebody give me some insight on what is going on and what to expect?
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replied May 9th, 2008
your father in law
How is he doing now? Any more lumps?
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