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Ear Infection Versus Wax Build-up

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I've been putting olive oil in my ears for a couple of weeks now, and was planning on getting them syringed/irrigated today. But when I went to my GP beforehand, he advised that in case of there being an infection in the middle ear I should take a course of antibiotics before getting them syringed.

However, I've also seen two nurses and called the NHS direct medical info line. All three of these practitioners said that the symptoms I describe (blockage and deafness brought on suddenly after massaging oil into my ears, but no pain, discharge, pressure or other signs of infection or severe problem) sound more like what happens when oil-softened wax gets compressed into the ear canal.

I've asked friends with medical training, all of whom have said that antibiotics aren't proven to be successful in middle-ear infections anyway. On the basis that my GP didn't say I did have an infection, just that there could possibly be one, and that there are no symptoms of one, would it be safe or recommended to go ahead with ear syringing before the course of antibiotics is finished? I'm quite eager to get rid of the blockage, as I can't hear in my left ear, have water in it and have constant ringing.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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replied July 2nd, 2007
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I would go ahead and do what your doctor says. Antibiotics do work on ear infections. I am living proof. It's better to be safe than sorry too.
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