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I have been a frequent visitor in this forum.
I just don't have any friends to share some of my thoughts and worries in life. Most people tend to take help from me and I definitely help them out, but when I need someone to listen to me, I don't seem to find anyone I can open up to.
I just feel really lonely and at times too depressed to even feel good about myself. I just start crying and the rest of the day goes downhill. I also start stuffing myself with anything I find in the fridge when I feel down and the result I've started putting on a lot of weight and that again when I look in a mirror makes me sad.

If someone could just talk or be a friend it would be nice.
Just to share some common thoughts and have a casual conversation once in a while.

Thanks Smile
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replied June 11th, 2007
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hi, what would you like to talk about??
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replied June 11th, 2007
I would love to be your friend. Pm me when ever you have the chance and I'll listen to you about anything you want. I also have some very unique information about emotional issues from my experience to share with you. I have been totally cured from extreme anxiety and depression after realizing that I simply had an energy blockage in my energy system. If you google energy system you will find that it is as real as any other part of the body, you just can't see it.... when people are emotionaly abused in any way... in my case.. put down and neglected,,, that is negative energy that the energy system cannot process... it gets stuck, which blocks positive energy from flowing properly...
Hope to hear from you soon... take care for now..

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