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Chronic and acute cases of bronchitis affect millions of Americans every year. But what is bronchitis? And how do types of bronchitis differ?...
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Acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis manifest different symptoms. Learn to identify both types of bronchitis and when you should seek medical help....
Alright, perhaps I'm being insensitive. I've never personally had bronchitis, but my mother does right now. It causes her such severe pain (I don't know where from) that she makes this high-pitched whining noise that just cuts through me like nails on a chalkboard. It's inhuman, like an animal or a baby in pain.

My issue is that I don't know if it's really that bad, or if she's being a wuss about it... has anyone else had acute bronchitis and can say firsthand how painful it is? Because you'd have to be drilling holes into my chest and skull to make me sound like that. I don't even make noises like that when I have migraines so bad I vomit, or have menstrual cramps so bad I vomit.

Secondly, she waited three freaking days before going to a doctor. If it had been me or my brother, we'd have been dragged there on day 2. I just don't understand why people let themselves get this bad. She probably wouldn't be in this much discomfort if she'd gotten it taken care of sooner.
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replied March 25th, 2008
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Well that's kinda stupid if the pain was that bad and she didn't go to the doctor. I mean if her chest hurt that bad, she would have the breath to cry about it. Crying would hurt like well, a word I won't use on this forum. So yeah, she's a wuss because the pain was obviously not bad enough to shut her up.

I had really bad bronchitis when I was little, and I can assure you that it's a really terrible thing to have. I think we had it for a week before my mom finally took us in. Me and my three sisters had it. None of us we much into talking at all, or eating, or sleeping, and we just sat there in the hot July heat and bore the miserable pain. There's nothing quite like it....
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replied March 31st, 2008
yes chronic bronchitis hurts badly if goes untreated. how ever if hurt that bad then she must also have pleurisy which you can have both at same time.
yes bronchitis can hurt terible. sometime nothing canhelp the pain but if she keeps hurthing that bad then take her to the er. something else very well could be going on like pneumonia or etc.

It takes steroids for me by IV to get it under control along with a strong strength of antibitics by IV and pain medications like IBUPROVEN.
It is nothing to get mad at your mom over. I have had it so much that I do not always go to the doctor. I lay in bed and hide it It is hard to deal with at times.

yes it hurts.
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