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Tight Throat

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hi there new to forum

i have been experiencing a very tight throat feeling for nearly a year. i have had to deal with the death of my sister but this feeling is very annoying. i have no other problems.

i feel as if my throat needs stretching. i have no problems sleeping and the problems disappears when i lie down. does this happen to other people.

it is on my mind all the time even thought i try to forget about it.

last week i had an endoscopy of the throat and larnyx where i was put to sleep and the consultant said that the muscle at the top of the osophagos was tight as this would explain the tightness feeling. At least there was a genuine reason for the feeling. he said that in time it should disappear in time and mention globus . he told me not to worry!!!!!

some days are better than others.

does anyone have any helpful suggestions. should i see my doctor for anxiety medication. perhaps something to reduce the muscle tension.

i would love to hear from other sufferers as i do not know anybody who has this problem. i would pay anything to get rid of the feeling.
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replied June 9th, 2007
Advanced Support Team
I've experienced some strange throat problems over the past year. It felt as though I had something stuck in my throat. It was causing me to breath oddly and gag often. I had an endoscope done and they found nothing. They told me it could be caused by acid reflux and they put me on prevacid. That did not help so I do not believe it was due to acid reflux. I had been rushed in for emergency appendectomy about a week later and upon waking up from surgery that feeling was gone. To this day I am still just shoked and wondering what in the world it was???
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replied July 2nd, 2007
Re Tight Throat
i have suffered wtih tightness of the throat, like im beeing choked or i have a frog in my throat. i either cough or gag.. when certain ppl were around, i felt my throat tighten, to the point of having a tight chest.. and breathing became harder. there was no regualr pattern.. wen i went home..after a couple of days it would go away. but then started to come back more regulary. i see this as a panic attack or anxiety. but.. i feel for me.. that because i have alot of repressed emotions, that this is my bodies way of saying enough is enough, deal with it already. this last week has been realy bad. im not sure why.. im not pms-ing.. these attacks were a result of my emotional stuff rising to the surface. then comes the attacks, and hyperventalations..etc.. i had a puff on my friends asthma puffa and that helpd a little with my breathing. i have been to the drs and they sugges cognitive therapy.. wich is fine but i think i need different guidence. although i feel like someone has theyre hands around my throat constantly, its not at all painful for me. just annoying.
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replied February 12th, 2010
I've had this problem for a few years now, approaching slowly. There's a clump in the throat. When speaking load or singing, it feels like the voice must be pushed through a very narrow slit or something. It's really tiresome. I used to sing and play the guitar, but I can't really sing anymore with this going on.

Hope it passes some day.
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replied May 5th, 2010
Anxiety Frog in the throat breathing problems stress Depression
For Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks
take 1 to 3 tablets of calms- 3 times a day morn noon & night. Or as needed I only take 1 tablet of Hylands Calms Forte. Also take 1 tablet of vitamin B6 , B3, & B12. 1 Ginseng tablet & 1 Calcium & Magnesium Tablet as well as 1 multi vitamin every day.
For Frog in the throat mix avocado & lemon & eat as required.
Also mix banana honey & pepper & eat 3 times a day.
Drink lots of Vegtable Juice Eat Apples & Grape.
If Difficulty Breathing 1 Grapefruit 1 Ginger Root 1 Strong Onion preferable the Purple Onion or any onion will do Chop Grapfruit Ginger Root & Onion up stick in blender add a tiny amount of water press Liquidify for short period of time. Then put in plastic container well sealed this will keep for 3 months in refrigerator. eat one teaspoon every day.
This is excellent for frog in the throat coughs anxiety asthma & cleans up Arteries.
These are all Natural Remedies. I am not a Doctor but this has helped me a lot.
Hope its helps you.
Also if you have anxiety stop drinking & stop smoking
Do not eat Chilli
Avoid sugary foods
avoid soda pop
avoid aspartame

Eat bananas apples grapes fruits vegatables, natural unsweetned fruti juices & Vegatable juices.
Follow Anxiety Diet.

Also breathing exercises helps with anxiety. You can also buy Betty Shine book Mind Magic this book is excellent for People with Anxiety Depression Stress & sleeping problems. Betty Shine is a great Healer & Her methods are excellent.
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replied September 21st, 2010
Tight throat & voice change
JohnnyCBS, I too have your symptoms. I feel like my voice doesn't sound the same and I have to force when I speak. My throat does feel tight also, especially as the day goes on. It feels like tension. Was just at ENT last Wed. and he did the endosocpy and said my vocal cords look fine but throat has a little swelling. Have to take stomach meds because he thinks its LPR (reflux). I felt better after being told it wasn't cancer but it only lasts a little while and I start to worry again.
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