i have elevated uric acid levels and my dr thinks i may have gout. i do have foot pain but never has it been in my toes. i have pain in my arches and the long bones on the outer portion of the foot.

should i just consider myself lucky that i have no pain in my toes yet - or do my symptoms sound like something else?
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replied June 8th, 2007
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Although the most common joint for a gout attack is the big toe, my former rheumatologist once told me that a gout attack can occur in any joint. There certainly are many joints in the foot. The area of the foot where you describe your pain is the area where most of my gout attacks used to occur. But not all foot pain is from gout. Get a medical diagnosis. If it is gout, then get checked to be sure that you don't have sleep apnea. You can find further info about the connection of gout to sleep apnea at [links removed] , and in the book "The Perils of Sleep Apnea - An Undiagnosed Epidemic".
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