Recently I have noticed tiny raised bumps on my skin that itch. They are not clustered anywhere, but have appeared on my arms, legs, chest and back. The ones I have are not going away, and there seem to be a few more each time I check. I got a dog a few weeks ago, and I wonder if he could be the problem?

If this is scabies, how can I go about treating it?
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replied February 27th, 2004
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Could just be an allergic reaction to your new dog.. Which hopefully isn't the case, because im sure it would be painful to get rid of it... However if it is scabies you can treat them with any sort of lice medication, as thats what 'scabies' are.. Although to be 100% safe talk to your doctor to find out for sure what this is so you don't go about trying to fix the problem and possibly making it worse...Best of luck with whatever you have!
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