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Stomach Bloating And Gurgling

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I am a relatively healthy 48 year old male. Since September, I have experienced stomach bloating and gurgling soon after eating with occasional diarrhea . Those are the primary symptoms. No cramping, no vomiting, no sour stomach/heartburn, no visible blood in stool, no weight loss, etc. Persistent bloating/gurgling with occasional loose stools after eating..that's about it.

Doesn't seem to be related to any particular food (ie lactose intolerance).

Onset of symptoms was sudden. One week I was fine, ever since I have had this problem. Never had a problem of this sort before except for the occasion/infrequent bout of stomach flu. At first, I thought I had consumed some spoiled milk but the symptoms have lasted for 9 months now.

About 3 weeks ago, I finally went to my GP and he diagnosed dyspepsia and put me on 20 mg of omeprazole daily along with acidophillus/lactobacillus capsules which I take several times per day. I started this therapy about 3 weeks ago and symptoms are pretty much the same, perhaps slightly less severe. Prior to going to the GP, I had taken acidophillus as a remedy but not as consistently as I have during the last few weeks. I experienced some slight mitigation of symptoms but the problem never fully went away.

Last week, about 2 weeks after beginning the therapy, I was tested (blood test for antibody) for H pyroli and the test came back in the .35 range; well within the normal range.

Given the sudden onset of symptoms, I believe I probably have some sort of bacterial infection/imbalance in my gut and the bloating/gurgling is a product of that. I suppose it is also possible that I have some sort of amoebic/parasitic infection but I haven't been drinking out of ponds or traveled to India or anything of that nature.

I am getting frustrated and I think my GP is barking up the wrong tree.
If there is a GI specialist on this forum can you please suggest what tests I should have or what you think might be the root cause of my symptoms?

Thank you.
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replied June 7th, 2007
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Tests: I guess youshould ask for routine blood work to include a CBC, ESR and CRP which is an inflammatory marker which would be elevated if there was inflammation going on in the GI tract. Also, possibly some liver enzymes to see if you have some sort of bile or gall bladder issue. Start with that and depending oon those results, your GI doc should know where to go from there. Honestly, I don't know why every PCP wants to treat all stomach issues with antacids! Good luck, hope this helps.
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replied July 4th, 2007
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Personally I would recommend a cleansing program. You are experiencing the effects of parasites in your system. If you were taking an acidophelus it is a typical perscription for candida or yeast infection. This is what was perscribed for me when I first found an alternative which was DrNatura's colonix program. I would suggest you source a good naturopath and they will suggest the same, that a good cleanse is necessary and then an adjustment in your diet and eating habits. This is what has helped me. I am sure you will find a solution that is suitable for you. Let us know what that is and how it has worked for you.
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replied April 27th, 2008
stomach bloating and gurlging
Hi there
I was just wondering if you managed to sort out your stomach problems. My husband has just developed the same symptoms and, just like you, he has never had anything like this before - infact I would say his digestive system has always been strong and stable. For the past 3 days his stomach has gurgled constantly - not just after food or before - just anytime - last night it kept me awake for about an hour!! He is not worried because he says it doesn't hurt - I did manage to pry the information out of him that it's making his stool loose and much more frequent but he is of the opinion that it will go away just as quickly as it came. I'm not so sure but we are going away on Thursday so I'm eager to try some natural remedies before he has to visit the GP. I have already made him take some acidophillus morning and evening but it hasn't really lessened the problem. I saw your post thread ended last year so I thought I would see if you had any further ideas to report.
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replied June 6th, 2008
Bloated feeling
This interests me bec/ the BF experiences bloating or a heavy feel for 4 hours after a meal, every decent sized meal. He doesn't exercise much, but consumes organic food, easy on the dairy, lean protein, easy on the carbs, very careful with fat intake, below average quantities of fruits and vegetables, but modestly healthy if irregularly.

He claims he doesn't have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). However, the digestive system is so complex, with Ph issues, good/bad bacteria, enzymes and proper digestive juices, among other things. I feel sleepy after a meal, but feel immediately better after a walk, a burp or two, and passing a bit of gas. He's still feeling pretty full 4 hours later.

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replied May 4th, 2009
Re: Stomach Bloating And Gurgling
I've been suffering with this problem + gas + morning diarrhea + nausea for many years. I've been tested for just about everything and all the tests always came back negative. I was told by my physician that I probably have IBS based on my symptoms. I also tested for SIBO (which is bacterial overgrowth), which might also cause symptoms of IBS, but the test came back negative. However I still think I have SIBO because the test is not very accurate and when I took antibiotics like Cipro or Levaquin all my symptoms would disappear and I would feel normal. Unfortunately, antibiotics are not the answer because they destroy the "good" bacteria as well as the "bad" bacteria and you need to take probiotics daily to restore your system with "good" bacteria. The only "natural" remedy that really helped me feel normal is activated charcoal that you can get in capsules. I would really recommend anyone with these symptoms to try it because it really helped me. Activated charcoal naturally detoxifies and removes harmful viruses and bacteria from your system.
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