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Fibromyalgia causes pain in the body. Learn the basic facts about fibromylagia and how doctors define this syndrome here....
Are people diagnosed with fibromyalgia born with a lower tolerance for pain? Are you at more or less risk of fibromyalgia? More info and causes and risk here....
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Prolotherapy is know to help cure most of the problems concerning this disease i have used and now am no longer a suffer try this and you may be suffering no more the fixes most of the causes of the disorder read up about it and it is cost effective this is a procedure which heals tendons and ligments with great sucess the sucess rate is 82% and the procedude works it is permanent read below for further information and ask you doctor about it believe me you won't be disaponted and you to could be out of pain in 6 - 8 months and be living a great life again i had this 10 years ago and have being fully recovered since and no reccurances you should try looking at some of the x-rays after treatment it's likt the whole cartalige has returned and the tendons i have now are 40% stronger that a normal persons so don't feel down fell good try this and what have you got to lose but your pain.

Therapy Benefits

Each treatment session results in more and more tissue being laid down in the needed areas. As a result, the joints continue to become stronger. The patient notes more endurance, they can do more activities, as well as activities they couldn't do before. The main side effect of the treatment is less pain as a result of the joint being stabilized. Also, snapping, clicking, and popping sounds go away or decrease. The patients can usually feel the joint becoming stronger with each treatment they receive.

In Dr. George S. Hackett's monograph Ligament and Tendon Relation Treated by Prolotherapy, illustrations #5 and #6 show normal rabbit tendons which have been injected three times each. The tendon on the right has been given a proliferative solution. The left tendons have been given placebo injections. Hackett found that the tendons injected with the proliferative solutions were 35% to 40% larger in diameter and weight compared to the control injected left tendon. In his monograph and article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Hackett states that 1600 patients with severe sacroiliac sprain were treated with reconstructive injections. They were examined by independent physicians 2 to 12 years after treatment was completed and 82% remained free of pain or recurrences.

Thank You for reading any questions just leave a reply and i will get back to you. Smile
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replied April 28th, 2007
Experienced User
do you think fibro is related to degenerative joint disease? which is the same thing as " osteoarthritis?
how can we differentiate which is causing the pain? is it the fibro or the osteoarthrits or the osteoporosis?
it sounds so similar and especiallly with clicking sounds which I have in my knees, my elbows, my wrists and in my cervical neck area.
I thought it was from the osteo and want's aware that fibro can cause similar symtoms.

I really hope the FDA improves this injection you mentioned. if so, this is a major break thru. don't you think?
hope so.

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replied April 28th, 2007
Hi Linda
I think you right this is amazing break through that doctors are ignore as treatment for some may problems and am glad you have replied i have had great relief from this for such long time that i believe this can help any fibromyalgia suffer from having to go through what the go through everyday if you look at the following website this will show you more of the benefits of this treatment and x-rays to back up it works so why suffer pain day after day when prolotherapy can help your conditon or even cure the condition from returning like me i have be free of pain for such long time because of this treatment and would recommend to any suffer so linda if you suffer why suffer in pain when this break through could be the key to help or fix you problem.

Thank you for your reply here is the website i have on this below:

check it out and see how it can benefit you today.

Also in answer to you question all osteo or any kind of arthritis begins when ligaments and tendons are damaged so repairing them through this therapy can stop the process in tracks or fix the issue all together with tremendous results so yes prolotherapy can even help people in the late stages of arthritis so don't take just what a doctor says reserach believe that this may be the cure and i don't think you will go far wrong.

Take care Linda and thank you for your reply it means a lot if you need any more questions i will answer them for you as soon as possible.
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