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Belly Button Redness

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my belly button, about a year ago, started getting red, and would pus clear, smelly liquid and would also get hard and crusty. now, it has grown, but does not pus and does not scab. its just grossly red and smooth!! any suggestions on how to rid of it!!!!?! thanks!!
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replied June 23rd, 2007
Hi, my brother suffered the same kind of problem. The area around his belly button became infected, red, crusty and it just kept getting uglier. The doctor diagnosed that my brother became allergic to his jean's metal buttons ( I think it's in copper or something..). He recommended that the metal buttons on all of his pants be changed by plastic buttons, just to see if it would help. Well, it helped a lot ! His belly is now healed. You should try this for a couple of time, just to see...

Good luck
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