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Alot of Discharge

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I got a question to ask, me and my husband are trying to have another baby and so i checked my fertility calender and it said to have intercourse on the 27th of may which is what we did now i have been having alot of thick clear mucus discharge and i dont know what it is any advice will help
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replied June 3rd, 2007
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Charting basal body temperatures is the only way to tell for certain once you have ovulated (other than having an ultrasound done). If you're not charting temperatures, when you ovulate can change month to month based on stress, diet, exercise, illness. My periods were quite regular, but I would ovulate anywhere from cycle day 11 to day 18. The site has a lot of info on basal body temping and checking fertility signs.

If you are having cervical mucus that is stretchy and resembles uncooked eggwhites, it is likely you will ovulate soon/are ovulating now. So you should try to have intercourse again daily until your CM dries up. Watery or eggwhite cervical mucus is the best type of cervical mucus for sperm survival.

I also used to get some CM resembling eggwhite CM 2-4 days before I would start my period on cycles where I didn't conceive.
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