I have had a range of tests and know I have stones. However, I also know that a large percentage of people with stones don't have symptoms.
I know the main symptoms and have had those in the past. What confuses me is this one symptom, which I would describe as soreness in the lower right hip, almost like arthritis and it feel like it radiates from the bone area to the skin nearby. No fever, no jaundice, nothing extreme.

This confuses me because it could be arthritis or something besides gallbladder and it isn't a typical symptom, is it? Also, I sometime have lower back pain, NOT upper back pain, more like in the kidney area, particularly in the morning. Again, did anyone have these symptoms as part of the gallbladder spectrum?

I am trying to hold off on surgery as friends I know had problems after surgery, particularly with loose stools and other issues. I don't want to trade one problem for another.
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replied May 31st, 2007
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Ive never had any of those symptoms with gallstones so it could be something totally unrelated but id tell your dr. But eh i sorta highly doubt its related at all to the gallbladder.
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