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Itchy Scrotum

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hi ive just turned 16 and ive had a problem with itchyness around my scrotum and penis for about a year now.

i started developing small discoloured patches on the skin of my scrotum at 15. these have now got bigger and i have several of them. they can be itchy at times and i have also noticed some discoloured pubes growing where the discoloured patches are.

if they dont go away it wil be embarrasing for me when i come to have sex

can anyone tell me what this is?
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replied January 28th, 2009
sore scrotum
I am very tender and sore in my scrotum region with some redness on both sides. I do not have any itchy sensation.
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replied January 29th, 2009
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Like I tell all guys, young or old, get rid of the briefs and speedos and get boxers cotton boxers, you maybe developing an allergy to no cotton briefs, If you can once in a while go without underwear, and make sure when you do that you are wearing a pair of old jeans, or shorts if you are going to spend time at home, You need air in your testicles, if you can sleep in the nude or without pants or shorts, this will help.
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