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Ok... So I lost track of my af last month and don't remember when I started. But I know it was somewhere between the 25-28th of last month. So here I am the 30th still no af. I've been experiencing weird "pregnancy like" symptoms like bloating, gas, light nausia, very mild breast discomfort, and lower stomach pain. Kind of like cramps. I wasnt sure if its just my af coming along, but I am usually never late and have normal cycles so... I took a test a couple days ago and got a bfn. Is is possible I could still be preggo and just took a test too early?
Thank you!!
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replied May 30th, 2007
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Anything is possible. Those are some symptoms of early pregnancy, but they are also symptoms of an oncoming period. So it could go either way.

A lot of women do get a couple of negative test results before they finally show up as positive during early pregnancy. The most common reason for getting a false negative is testing too early. Wait a bit and see if your period comes. If not, test again.
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