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Next Day He Dreamed Up He Saw a Man Named Wea-sel !

There is a TV show I watch every night, in the demon world.
I didn't write the episodes, they play out around me every night.
In the demon world, watching tv is like living a situation, you are there, in 3-d, maybe because you are dreaming at the time, and it is as if you are one of the participants in the show, feeling the pull of the group's anxiety, and trying along with them to work out a solution to whatever is going on. Every night is an adventure. There is a theme song and that's the thing - I jumped up in the middle of the show and woke up for a second and wrote down the theme song, since it was so familiar, and it worked, looking at it the next morning it all comes clear.

Each episode begins with a story of a normal citizen, living a normal life. Then, invariably, something, or a series of things, happens to the main character - a bunch of tragedies in their life. Then, about a quarter of the way into the show, we get the one-line them-song: "next day he dreamed up he saw a man named wea-sel". And then this mysterious character, or pair of characters, show up, and they are undercover demons, from inside the sun, that's the thing, they feel they are part of the sun and shining light in a different way, as stories that so-called "schizophrenic" people see and hear, and dream, and this is the remainder of the episode. We, the undercover demons, shouw up as these imaginary people in the life of the person who suffered tragedy. We tell him weird, enearthly knowledge. Prophesies. "I am a witch, and I dream the wildest dreams - wicked prophesies nobody could interpret..." (new megadeth cd - dave mustaine is an sz leader!) anyway, the person then either goes crazy and gets locked up, or goes on to be a religious leader who glows and seems crazy, and it's all because of the character named "weasel".

Sometimes this forum is like the show. Next day he dreamed up he saw a man named weasel!
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replied July 8th, 2007
Huh, you don't say.
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