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October 2nd, 2012
I need HELP please!!! So im not allowed to txt boys so the guy i like txted me and i txted him stupid i know but then he told mt bro i was annoying af and i should stop txting him!Well u could imagine the pain but worse my brother blackmailed me everyday Sad he said he wasnt gonna tell but still blackmailed me! I'd rather have him let me tell than blackmail so i told my parents they said im growing up and i make mistakes its ok so it was all good but b4 when i used to txt the guy i like i also txted his cousin and im afraid that the guy i like or the cousin will mention that i txt the cousin and my bro will black mail me again! But i learned my lesson b4 and i dont do it anymore it was the past and my bro barely see's the guy i like or the cousin so do u think he will find out!? But he will talk to him alot in July do u think my bro will bring it up or remember ?? PLEASE HELP!!! p.s they wont really talk just see each other and talk a little but do u think he'll ask questions btw this happened in August
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replied October 18th, 2012
Everything i touch turns to crap i have a beautiful baby girl that i never get to see cuz her mother cheated on me and upon kicking her out for doing so she keeps my daughter from me ive taken her to court to set up a custody agrrement thinking that an agreement will put a stop to her crap she went along with it for a few shirt months and stopped letting me see her again for no reason i pay child support i take good care of my daughter while she is with me and my family is witness to all thois i hired a lawyer to help me straighten things out and he is taking his sweet time doing anything my little girls bday is coming up at the start of next month and im going to miss it because of all this on top of all that everytinme i make an attempt to rebuild my life i get screwed over big time debt keeps wracking up im in love with a beautiful girl i believe is my soul mate but i cant have her until she makes the move to get away from her ass of a bf and she has trouble sticking up to him so everytime she brings up a break up he yells until she backs down i have trouble turning to anyone but her cuz i feel like she is the only one who truely understands and listens to my life and she is the only one that is evee able to comforte when timea are bad my job has cut overtime making me struggle for money much more than ever before no matter what i do and how hard i tru things never seem to work out and im at the point where i cant sleep and cant eat and im just ready to give up and put it all to an end im trying to hang in there for my daughter and this amazing girl and its so hard every day i f eel myself slip a little more towards suicide and i just dont know what to do any more i hate my life and im at my breaking point
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replied November 17th, 2012
Hang in there. Don't let life get to you. We all have our problem. Some worst than others. I am here bc I hate my life. Think about your girl. At least your have a beautiful girl to fight for. I tried committing suicide when I was 12 and fight depression all my life. There are good days and bad days. I tried not to think about it but I can't stop my mind. I have found friends who are inspiring and encourages me. I marriage is not going well and my wife doesn't want to have kids. I want a family but I dont want to leave her. Life suck but I am trying to hang in there. You should too. Find someone with similar experiences to share your sorrows and challenges. It helps getting it off your chest
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replied October 23rd, 2012
How about getting called fat ugly getting looked at different every day at school all it takes is one look one name call and it brings back all the hurtful things people have said and done to me I cry myself to sleep almost every night even though I have a great family but I just feel like every day I wake up I feel good and then I get made fun of and I want to die or beat them until they die .....
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replied October 27th, 2012
All the people that I used to call friends call my annoying and won't talk to me, and if they do they say the worst things that don't deserved to be said. And whenever I talk nobody listens to me, so hear me, my life isn't as bad as yours but once you learn to ignore it and not think about the problems, but think about the future. It doesn't hurt as bad.
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replied October 30th, 2012


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replied November 6th, 2012
killing yourself may not be the answer but I have tried everything I can so that's all I want to do
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replied November 10th, 2012
I really hate my life. My father always keeps on screaming on my mom or me and my mom gets angry on me. My father even slaps me sometimes. And my Sis annoys me and always fights with me. She always keeps on telling me what all she has done for me and that I do nothing for her. I just want to kill my self. Why would someone want to live in such a house and still some of my friends think I am lucky. I am fed up I want to run away what shall I do.
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replied November 17th, 2012
Life is tough at all ages. I am 34. At 12 I tried to commit suicide but luckily the bar that I tried hanging myself broke. My parents fought every day of my life. I was failing in school and kids bullied me, I remember crying on Xmas bc they fought so much. I ran away from home when I was in my late teen to come home again.
Life has gotten better the past decades. I make very good money and living in a very nice home. But this year, I loss my mom to cancer. We have bonded the past few years and she hawks my best friend. I miss her so much. I am back to being depress and my wife is not supportive. I look back at my youth and I am just hoping time will make things better again like it used to.

My only advice is to listen to your friends who encourages you to be better. Your life can end anytime so don't rush it. I find comforts In my closest friends. it may be hard to believe and I can't guarantee it will get better anytime soon but it will. It will get better and it will be bad again but you just need to find the goods in your life.
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replied November 19th, 2012
I'm guessing this is a place where you just talk about how much your life sucks so here I go. I hated my life since the beginning of highschool and since then it just either stayed the same or got worse. In high school, I struggled socially with people. No one seemed to like me and everyone thought I was weird. I wanted a boyfriend, but all guys would want me for is my body (if lucky). Being an intelligent black girl in my school really made me feel left out. I'm an otaku and I love rock music. Problem is people that liked the same stuff I did wanted nothing to do with me. I just felt so alone though I did have a few friends but they didnt have the same interests that I did. I just didn't feel like I belonged anywhere. On top of that my family life sucked. My uncle has been a major problem in my family a long time. My mom devotes so much of her attention to him its sickening (btw he is my dad's brother). We don't know if anything is going on between them, but honestly I just don't want to know. My uncle is degrading to everyone including my mom and I hate it. He hurt me really bad emotionally throughout high school yet my mom still brings him around me knowing this. Its like she doesn't care and i feel even more alone. Luckily, I'm now in college so I avoid all that drama and my mom seems to care about me more now that I'm gone. I guess since I left my family appreciates me more which is nice. I find it hard to go back there though. Luckily, my senior year of high school I found a boyfriend just when I was about to give up on dating. He is the best boyfriend ever and it took me years of struggle and heartbreak to get him. Still after all my years of torment and depression I still wish I was dead every day. I wake up in the morning wishing I never woke up, go to class wishing a car hit me as I was walking there, and come back to class wishing my monster energy drink will just give me a heart attack. Its a constant cycle and I hate it. I started seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist here and taking medication to deal with my problems. I must say that it has helped some so far, but i still feel like i shouldn't be alive. My reason now for this is probably the build up of all the junk in my life i gone through plus what i am going through now as a college student. Currently, im worried about finances that my parents are very useless with helping me with because they saved me nothing for college and are in debt. The only way I'm going here now is through financial aid and the kindness of my grandmother to co-sign my loan. On top of that I feel I'm not doing good enough here. Physics is killing me and i dont feel like im doing as well in math as i should. I'm on a pre-med track so i need excellent grades to get into medical school, but my grades are mediocre. This is what is depressing me the most right now. My greatest fear is failure and so far i feel like im failing. Since i feel like such a failure i feel i shouldnt live anymore. i just feel like im going to be nothing. That i am nothing and idk what to do about that anymore. I told myself some time ago that i probably will kill myself before i ever become a doctor or even after that anyway so i mite as well do it as soon as i can. if my grades keep going like this and i dont get into medical school i probably will kill myself. i see no point in life. i love my boyfriend and he knows how mentally destroyed i am. it really hurts him how much i want to die so i try not to tell him when im upset or my thoughts... i dont wanna hurt him or anyone i care about but i just feel that im no used to this world. one day i will die but idk if it will be natural or by my own hand. As a Christian, I know killing myself sends me to hell. That's the main reason why I havent killed myself yet. if It wasnt for my belief in God I probably would have killed myself 5 years ago.
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replied November 25th, 2012
I hate my life. I just can't stand living in this dimension anymore. I'm so tired of living. Every day is such a freaking hassle.
I'm 26 and can't support myself. I still live off of my dad who would rather give me money than a hug.
Two of my dearest and oldest friends stopped talking to me, one just because they moved. I have no friends. Weed is not cutting it anymore. I should just move on to opiates, right?
Anyway, my suicide plan is to make a fake gun and point it at a cop. AKA suicide by cop. Here in the south it shouldn't be too hard to find a trigger happy officer.
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replied November 26th, 2012
Today was better than yesterday.

One day at a time.
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replied December 7th, 2012
I cant stop getting depressed...
Hi! I'm 16 years old, and I moved to a new city 3 months ago. I thought moving away wouldn't be that bad... but it turned out to be worse, I hate my LIFE! Even though i achieve success at certain times of my lfe, but i still dont feel content.... I missmy friends, Im running out of time and there seems to be no stop to any problems, they always seem to get bigger...and to add up that I have low self esteem...
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replied December 11th, 2012
:( :( :(
Really? Well my dad doesn't let me have membership or get anything i want to get. Not even with my money. My brother laughs at me, my mum shouts at me and i can't do anything but sleep. The thing that gets me on with my life is My friends. Get friends to help out. Sad Sad
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replied December 13th, 2012
A Sensible Solution
I see plenty of complaints, though not enough resolutions to parallel its mass.

Now... negativity, depression, anger, ALL stem from a positive stance. Please, allow me to explain, to become better enlightened:


One cannot feel pain, without first having felt pleasure, of course.

The pain will only match the caliber of the pleasure you have ever experienced in life.

Every time you feel beaten down, only stems from knowing how it has felt to be on top in the past.

One must find the positive within the negative, by simply realizing that one cannot exist without the other.


An example would be to use the greatest weapon one can possess, against negativity in all its gripping forms: a sense of humor. Wink

If my mother !**@! at me for any petty reason for example, I can simply say to myself that "little things affect little minds," laugh to myself, smile in her face, and agree with an unconcerned attitude.

This is how one can find a positive within the negative. Shift your perspective to your control.

Eye for an eye. Return the favor back to them, though by being cool-headed, calm and collected.

Like a mirror, it will reflect their own illogical unreasoning back unto them, without having to match their level of imbecility.

They will know how YOU feel, though they might not acknowledge it, for most people are not that self-aware.


Use depression as a tool while you're experiencing it, by remaining calm while they rave and rant. Be a master of your emotions!

Anger exists for a reason. Channel it and direct it towards a positive construction such as exercise or martial arts.

However, the best revenge is to live better than your inferiors. Let them know that their unreasoning is silly and laughable. If it makes them worse, just laugh harder!

If you are grieving a loss, may their pleasant memories warm your heart. If you are having regrets in their loss, then there is a lesson to be learned in not letting history repeat itself!

If you feel alone, seek the company of those who will lift you up. If you have no one, look into the mirror... 'tis your only true friend. Smile for him/her. Never let a true friend down. Wink

If you are the victim of physical violence, be a victim no more. Call the police. Unless of course, playing the victim is fulfilling a masochistic need.

Suppressing your emotions leads to premature death. Death is your enemy. Never embrace it.


A pessimist complains about the wind.
An optimist expects it to change.
A realist laughs and adjusts the sails.

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replied January 11th, 2013
Young and Depressed
When I was 8 years old, me and my mom are good. We aren't really close but were good, she doesn't shout at me that much, blame me, curse at me, make me feel even more depressed/stressed when I need someone or her to help me, and hurt me.

But now, I'm already 12 years old and she's now completely the opposite of what I've said earlier. Sometimes she helps me, but it was only limited. She's only nice for a few minutes then back to being the opposite.

Right now, I need someone to help me practice singing and give me some encouraging advice on how to sing without getting too nervous. But mom's the only person I can go to right now so I asked her for help. Wanna know what her reaction was?

She was kinda nice after I told her, but after a few minutes when she was done eating. She's already shouting at me and acted like I didn't ask help from her earlier and it made me cry.

It's really depressing, it's always like this. I was always the one to be blamed, shouted, cursed at, etc. Sometimes I even picture myself committing suicide and imagining fast ways to kill myself like stabbing my own heart, etc.

Yeah I know, I'm too young for these thoughts. But I just hate life, I'm always alone like nobody loves me. I don't even know if I have true friends and I don't even have a best friend.

I hate life, it's all messed up.
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replied February 20th, 2013
Always think positive. You should not be trapped by your negative thoughts. Did you know that whatever you think that is what you become. Life is beautiful.

Did you know how your subconscious mind works? We all have experienced the fact that when we think about something too much it tends to become a reality in our lives. Subconscious mind plays the role of creating our conscious behavior. When you think how your subconscious mind operates then it would be better to think always the positive side of all those things that you want to achieve and not to focus to any negative thoughts.

If you need some advise please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be here for you to listen
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replied February 21st, 2013
Hey anyone on this forum. I feel I need to share my feelings with more people.
I'm 17 years old. My name is Cason. Yeah I know, horrible name right? Anyways, when I was
12 my mom stabbed my dad and he was killed before the ambulances got here.
I was very happy at that because she didn't stab him for no reason. He hit me he was an
Alcoholic and did drugs. We had very little money from the crap job he had. But once
She killed him we had nothing. We moved to my grandmothers house.
We stayed there for a while. My grandmother fell of a ladder and she died.
So we moved to an apartment and my mom got a job.
Going to my new high school I was made fun of alot how I dressed and acted
Like. I only had one friend. Her name was Rose. We went to the movies alot an hung out alot.
Bit her home life was awful too. She then committed suicide and in her note
She wrote that she loved me. I was very flattered but te kids made fun of me
And said mean thing about her. This made me very mad. So one day I stabbed one of the
Jocks and he bled very badly. His friends beat me up for the rest of the year.
I Tried to commit suicide. I almost hung my self by a bar but it broke. That was only two weeks
Ago. I'm now writing this preparing my second attempt. Well then, bye.
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replied February 22nd, 2013
asome: you need to contact a counselor immediately! If you're in the United States, call 1-800-273-8255. That is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Please promise you will call!! This too shall pass.
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replied February 23rd, 2013
I hate my life
I wish I could kill myself right now.
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replied February 23rd, 2013
I am also very depressed, I always tell myself that everything will be okay, but it never happens, my parents always takes me to extracurricular classes I don't ever have time for myself, I can barely finish dinner without rushing because my mom says I will be late for a class. And my report card is a average but my dad just says that I should at least try to do better and that makes me feel like crap because I always tried my best in everything and every single day I try to remind myself that when I grow up and go live on my own, everything will be alright, at least I hope.
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replied February 24th, 2013
1234567890hi, all you can do is your best.

I am now 49 and everyday I ask myself about where life went and what happened.
Everyday I ask myself, what have I done to deserve this life?

I was 2 1/2 when my parents got divorced. My father was an alcoholic and I lived with different relatives like a nomad. When I was 10 my father remarried and I hated my life. at 13, my mother remarried and life as still horrible. I did not belong anywhere.My step mother hated me and my step father hated me. They pretended in front of my parents but they hated me.

At 19, I got a govt scholarship to college and was my happiest - no nagging and nobody telling me what to do and how to do things or criticizing me. I did very well in college -much better than I did when in school.

At 23 I moved to Canada and discovered I was gay. I did not know what to do, how to behave.
I thought I fell in love but now I do not know.

Now, at 48, I still have issues. I was diagnosed with MS and will be probably die or get disabled. I know my partner of 20 years is cheating on me. I lost my business and still everyday is a day full of hope.

I found out a long time ago that the only way to look past your own problems is to help others with theirs. So I do community work, joined the local distress center and mentor and council youth.

I found that it is not the negativities in life that define it. Find happiness in the things you like to do,and in simple things, help someone everyday, and in this way, your outlook to your life changes. I cannot say Life will get easier but it gets bearable by changing how you react and how you teach yourself to cope.

At 49, I still cry and have days when I am low. But I will find ways of dealing with that like I am doing now by writing to you and knowing that I am not the only one. At whatever age, our issues seem like they will never end. They do and others come up. That is life.

Do not change your life. Change your coping mechanism.

It is not what others do to you that defnes you, it is what you do to and for others.

All you can do is your best. You may not get rich and have all the things you want in life but you will be happy knowing that you always did your best. I know I do.

I wish you all the best.
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replied February 27th, 2013
Hi, I Hate my Parents So Much I dont even know if it is depression that i feel about them but they dont appreciate what i do my father always yells at my grandmother like almost every day but not most of the time they always fight and im sick of tired then there's this trust, they dont even let me go to malls w/ my friends the place is so close you could walk WTH. should i go run away? coz' ive been thinking of running away because there is this trip of our school tomorrow i wanna go there badly and there is an additional grade for my academics but my grandma doesnt even want me to go. Should i runaway and stay to my friends house and never comeback, but when my father told me to go in a MAD attitude i would literally runaway. PLANNING!
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