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Drinking Andd Smoking After a Stroke - Please Help Me

my mom had a little stroke a few days ago but she is out of the hospital now. she is at my aunts hose in another state. my mom is an alcoholic and i know my aunt will let her drink and smoke cigarettes. my aunt and i have been fighting for years about her drinking. my aunt admits she is an alcoholic but does nothing. what are the side effects from drinking and smoking after a minor stroke? i am really scared.
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replied May 2nd, 2008
Smoking is one of the major factors for developing cardio-vascular (angina pectoris, heart attack) and cerebro-vascular disorders (TIA, stroke).
Alcohol is not accused for promoting atherosclerosis (disease that damages heart's and brain's blood vessels) but has direct negative impact on many organs including heart muscle and brain.
Can YOU take care of your mother instead of arguing with your ant?
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