please tel me the way of reducing the size of the breast.
Plz tel does the size of breast increase by massage? And if yes than plz tell any exercise or any other way so that size can be reduced.
Thanking u
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replied February 25th, 2004
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Hi vishal,

massage doesn't change the size of the breast at all. If you are overweight and you have oversized breasts, you could try excercising to reduce your weight, which in turn would also reduce the size of your breasts. If you are already thin, then the only other option would be breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately there are no wonder pills or magic solutions to fix it. I do know of quite a few women who have very large breasts, and they have suffered many health problems because of it. One lady I know has bra strap marks permantly indented into her shoulders because of the weight of her breasts. She also has very bad back problems.

Good luck
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