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Persistent Cough : phlegm & sore throat

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I developed flu & a chest infection 7 weeks ago which knocked me off my feet for 2.5wks. Since then I've had a chesty cough and woke every morning with a sore dry throat which has gets gradually better during the day though I've remained croaky all day. Over the last 3 days the sore throat & croakiness has virtually gone, though I woke with a very dry throat this morning and still have some redness. I still have my cough & mildly stuffy nose, it feels as if my throat is sticking together & I cant clear it.

I've been to my gp when it started and I was put on antibiotics for a week 500mg 3x a day. I went back this week with the persistent chesty cough (producing cream & pale green phlem) & sore throat (which was already starting to ease). He said my throat was only slightly red, and gave me anti-histamines incase it is a pollen allergy, I don't normally have hay-fever but I took up running in Jan so am more exposed to fields than normal. I'm not getting any eye irritation or sneezing though. He also said my lungs sounded clear & sent me for a chest x-ray, 2wks for the results.

Do I have anything to worry about on chest x-ray? On and off I've had a few mild sharp pains/discomfort on my back upper ribs with some discomfort moving round to the left side and front. Then after returning home from the x-ray had a stitch like pain in same area (though I've had similar pains (like a fist pushing onto ribs) in other areas of ribs when under stress in the past).

I dont normally get ill, then as soon as I hit 30 I'm hypothyroid (levels recently checked & stable for a year) and get vitaligo on my hands (which spread quicker as thyroid got treated) as these are both autoimmune diseases is this connected? I've only ever had colds for 3-4 days once or twice a year before.

I think I am getting better, I'm running again now, finally back upto the level I was before this all started (though its much harder!). Its just this cough, sticky blocked throat & sniffing I cant shake...its getting me down.

Thanks for you time.
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replied February 6th, 2009
Help me
Hi I seem to have sore ribs and a sore throat and also feeling sick what is wrong with me?
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