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Using the Incorrect Words & Forgetfulness

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i am having problems saying the wrong words. This has been going on for a while now. For example, today I told one of my kids here is my elmo instead of here is my email. This is common for me lately. I use the wrong words inappropriately in a sentence. Another example is I often get August and April confused and other words on a daily basis. Simply put the wrong words come out and don't make any sence.

I also lose my train of thought. And I forget when I ask things and I have to reask. My wife gets quite impatient with me. She constantly tells me she just told me that about a topic we just discussed.

Little concerned.
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replied May 27th, 2007
Brain Fog...
What you are talking about could be what is called "Brain Fog".

* Loss of mental acuity
* Forgetfulness – decreased short-term memory
* A feeling of spaciness and inability to think clearly
* A feeling that you’re in a fog or a dark cloud is over your head
* Decreased attention span
* Mild depression and/or anxiety
* Lack of spatial awareness
* Difficulty concentrating or a lack of focus

You might want to look into taking some supplements for a little while.

Good luck, hopefully this helps!
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replied April 19th, 2013
brain fog
interesting, what supplements would you recomend?
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