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miscarriage ? Trying to find out for a year

hey, i have never known what happened to me, i asked a nurse once and she never actually told me what had happened to me, she actually kind of ignored me in a way, but i think this place would be the best to ask and i dont want to upset anyone but i just need to understand what happened. ok well...
f pregnany and yeah. so if anyone could please helpp me out i have been trying to find out for about a year now and i dont know wwho else to ask, my mum said it was a blood clot but i hadnt told her the full story witht he faint line and all that, i was so convinced and sure i was pregnant i even told my sister.

it was aabout a year ago. i cant remember all that much about it at the time but all i remember was that i was still with my bf that i am with to this day and i had taken a pregnancy test. i stole it ( dont look down on me pleasse,) i knew what the instructions where and how to do it but not untill a lot longer later i foundout that even a faint line means you are pregnant and you should go to the doctor. i dont remember how long afterward, i think months because i remember taking the test in my bedroom at the time and living in another bedroom at the time this all happened. I knew i was pregnant, i was convinced. my nipples had changed colour but i dont remember being nauses, i know my period was never regular but i didnt think about it at the time so now i dont remember if i had it. then me and my bf where chilling out with my sister in her room and i got the worst pains in my cervix (not period pain, somthing worst) and i was crippled over in pain so i went to the bathroom and a huge kidney sshaped avocardo/ tomato sized blood clot looking thing fell out of me. the pain was the blood clot passing through my cervix. so i freaked out and went to the toilet. i got my period and then another one came out. im not sure what blood clots look like but it had veins in it and a sac kind of thing, im not shure butt hen for a week i had my period, i have never been sure what that was but before that i had the feeling o
any help please

love vanessa
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replied May 24th, 2007
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it is impossible to know but to me it sounds like you passed some large blood clots.
I have passed similar recently and I am definately not pregnant.
large blood clots often resemble a mass of veiny tissue but thay are just blood clots.
at a month or two into a pregnancy there really wouldn't be much to see at all at 10 weeks it *may* be possible to identify a small sac if you knew exactly what you were looking for.

I hope you find closure for that incident.
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