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Phalloplasty (penis Enlargement Surgery) Any Experiences ?

Hello Very Happy , I've been reading here for a while now, and appreciate all the advice you all offer!

My question is, I've recently been looking into penis enlargement surgery in California. I've read about the non-permanent and poor results with fat injections (nodules, uneven absorption). Girth surgery uses grafting with dermal tissue (harvested from self), or donor tissue (Alloderm). I found some information, videos and some very graphic images of the surgery within theirCosmetic central Section. The procedures are very expensive, so I want to be absolutely sure! I am aware of the risks, and that it is surgery and all surgery comes with potential complications.

Does anyone have real experience with these procedures? I am a young man who has always felt a bit short changed in this department and would like to take care of this. Such a small physical piece of a man's life and body, with huge mental bearing. To me it almost seems the center of my universe and I would like to go on with my life without this concern.

I look forward to your support and advice,
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replied June 2nd, 2007
Hi Chris, I am so sorry no one has at least written to say HELLO. I have no idea when it comes to your question, I do know I have a wonderful plastic surgeon who helped me (breast wise) 8 years ago. My advice to you....if you are really considering this, find a reputible plastic surgeon, schedule an appointment to ask all questions, also find one who has perfomed this type of surgery and ask if you my contact a person(s) who has had it done. A good plastic surgeron, like the one I have, allowed me to contact others (with their permissions of course) and I asked them questions before I chose him to be my physican. I also understand why you feel cheated and if this type of procedure is what its made out to be and you have no problems with it, I would say good luck to you. Do hte math first. My Grandfather use to say, its not what you got, its how you use it..............but then my Grandmother said, first you gotta have something to use! Whatever you decide, do not allow anyone else be an influence. This has to be your decision. I did mine because it balanced me out.....I felt cheated in that dept. so I understand.....Good luck! Cool
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replied June 5th, 2007
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Well you dick will no longer stand up when erect, and you will probably gain an inch at most. It's a very risky surgery. If you want ways to make your dick bigger, pm me and I will inform you on what can be done.
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replied December 2nd, 2013
Over the past 2 months I have had a very interesting experience with penile injections for ED after Viagra and Cialis became too inconsistent and had negative side effects. I am using injections of PGE-1. Sounds scary but really isn't at all, after the first time. Beside doing wonders for my ED the injections (have been averaging 2X a week) leave my flaccid penis consistently quite a bit larger, soft but the size of a semi-erection. Very nice as I had been self conscious about my flaccid size. Not sure if this is an approved "off label" use, but you could ask your doctor.
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