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Opk Questions...i Need Help!!!

This might be long so I apologize now but please bear with me since Im alittle confused. Last month, I used an OPK and had my surge on my 14th day and was unsuccessful then I got my AF 26 days which so far my normal was 28 days. So my last period was May 9th and I began testing last Friday (the 18th) I had my darkest line of all my faints that day. It was never darker than or even that close to the test line though. Ever since then this is how its gone...
Friday- darkest line but not close to or darker than the test
Sat- faint line
Sun- very faint line(almost not there at all)
Mon- very faint line( darker than Sundays by a little bit)
Mon evening- like Sundays again at 8 pm(did another test to make sure)
Tues- faint line
Wed- a tiny bit more darker than yesterdays but still faint

I have been testing at 8 am everyday. It says you dont have to use the first morning urine and then others say you can but you should test between 10-4pm since your levels rise during the day. So, Im lost now. I dont do BBT but if I am unsuccessful this month I will start. I dont think I had my surge before the 18th (even though if I look at the chart for when to start testing it would have been two days prior to the 18th)Every Ovulation calculator says I should O between the 19th-25th if its normal. I dont know what to do now. Do I test with my first urine to see if there is a difference or should I test later in the day like noon or 2pm, or what? Can anyone help me with this or give me advice? besides the fact that Im neurotic!!! LOL
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replied May 23rd, 2007
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It is true that you should test between 12-3 (so I've been told). I am not a master of opk's so I can't offer much help.

I do however suggest that you start temping. It is a very useful tool and it will help you know when you should start using your opks during the month so that you use less (and save money) It is also helpful to be able to bring your chart to the doctor with you so that they can see what your body is doing as well.

How long have you been ttc?

You may want to post in the 'getting pregnant' forum. There are alot of knowledgeable and friendly ladies over there going through the same thing. And alot of them use okp's and would probably offer more help on that subject than I can.
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