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Suggestions On Treatment ?

My father was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer...he has 3 tumors in all, with the following gleason scores for each:


We'd like to know, what's the best course of treatment for this man? He's a 66 year old male, normal weight, good health otherwise. He does have diabetes and hypertension.

He's somewhat torn between two choices, and his doctors don't seem to be helping him decide. They tell him he's "borderline"...whatever that means. He's considering either full prostate removal surgery, or external beam radiation. Another option of his I suppose is the seeds. What are your thoughts in this situation? Any suggestions I can make to him on how to proceed?

Also, is it urgent that this procedure be performed as rapidly as possible in this case? He's sort of dragging his feet, and I'd like to know if I need to move him along a bit.

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