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When I Drink Alcohol I Have Seziures And Blood Pressure

gets really high. i know stop drinking but its not that easy.
ive had these sezires for about 8 years now. i drink a least 3 times a week and about half that time i have seziures that draws my fingers and toes up. i clench my jaw together and to one side and drool. cant swallow
my lips turn blue and my blood pressure goes as high as 200/130
these numbers being taken using a over the counter device.
most the time device just says error. the night before last i was drinking and had some seziures and went to bed. i woke up to my left arm being numb. no tingling just numb. i checked blood pressure and it stays around 170/110 does the high bllod pressure have to do with my numb arm? and why to i have these sezires to begin with?
thank you.
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replied May 26th, 2007 1/is_0000/ai_2601000037

That article should help with answering your question. There are medications that the doctor can prescribe to help with preventing the seizures but my advice to you would be to cut down on your alcohol consumption.
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replied June 27th, 2007
WOW, that really sounds dangerous! Is there a chance that you have an allergy to alcohol???
Seriously, that can lead to a stroke & i'm guessing you're young based on your user name. The last thing you'd want to do is add BP Meds into the mix of all this. I just purchased a unit that lowers BP naturally. I don't know if I'm allowed to discuss it here, but it works in lowering & controlling your BP! good luck. Veronicca V
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