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Can Chronic Sore Throat cause Cancer ?

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For two years now I've had some kind of sore throatishness I guess. I get lots of mucus falling back from the nose, and have to spit it out and so forth. I remember about 3 years ago, I ad the same thing but it was way worse, it lasted for a few days. After that, a year or so I got the same thing but it was milder. I can do a motion with my throat and I can "feel" something. Like, mucus or something. Sometimes if I snort it out I can't "feel" it.

Anyways, a few days ago I read that a consistently sore throat can be cause for cancer. This came as a shock. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I'm 15 years old. Anyways, I tried to get more info, but could find none describing my symptoms. I had an upcoming trip to Poland 2 days later and could not miss it. I get on the boat and on the boat, after eating at the restaurant I find a lump on the right side under my jaw, just under it perhaps a little lower. Its not hard, it's softish and movable. I thought it was a swollen lymphnode or swollen salivary glands, and I also read that swollen lymphnodes can be caused by cancer in a diffirent area of the throat. I have since then taken on a feeling of malaise, or general sickness. My head is throbbing and the side wich the lump is on is very warm.

I swore to have it checked out as soon as I got back to sweden (monday). This morning I had yet another complication. It felt as if someone was strangling me a little bit. Where the neck joins in with the chest, it felt like someone was poking me there forever. Distressing- so I called my father and we headed to the local doctor around here. She felt the lump, checked my throat, my breathing and I described the symptoms I had to her. She told me the mucus could be allergy infected sinusitis, and that the enlarged lymph node was most likely due to the cold I had a week ago.

She perscribed some antibiotics and some other stuff. So here i am, this evening and I feel just the same. The lymphnode might've gotten a little smaller.

Anyways, I'm heading to the docs and then to an ENT specialist first thing on monday. I'm scared shitless. Wondering if this can really be cancer?

Oh, and I'm also feeling a little little hoarseness in my voice, wich is also a symptom for cancer Sad

Thanks for any help..
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replied May 31st, 2007
Don't worry, it probably isn't as bad as you think it is. It's good that you've seen a dr. and that you are seeing the ENT however, I don't think the sore throat is cancer related. You probably just have a really bad case of sinusitis and bacterial infection. Anyways, hope you feel better!
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