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Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique

Studies have shown that the sub-concious mind holds onto, and retains negative emotions when they are not processed properly. This is a result of a disruption in the energy system, an energy blockage, making the person feel the emotions, wheather they are depressive, anxious, angry, lonely, resentment over and over until they are released. To release the emotions, the energy blockage must be un-blocked. This can be done a couple of different ways, but mainly the overall procedure involves stimulating the energy system and sub-concious mind. The sub-concious mind is aware of every problem in the body, bringing it up into your concious mind, letting you know that it is there, that it needs to be fixed. Acupuncture works with the energy system, acupressure also works with the energy system but
EFT (emotional freedom technique) adresses the specific emotional problem, finds it and releases the negative energy (emotions) that is holing you back from living like you should. The EFT technique is self applied and is very safe and effective. If it is not done properly, it simply doesn't work, but if done right, results are nothing short of amazing!

EFT Procedure

Read everything before you start the procedure, because little things are absolutely neccessary for results.....basically you will tap on all of the energy meridians (like acupressure) to stimulate the energy system and then tell the brain which problem you would like to adress with the energy system.

Energy Meridian Points

#1) Eye Brow (beginning of the inside of either brow)
#2) Temple (beside either eye)
#3) Under Eye (inch under either eye)
#4) Under Nose (between nose and upper lip)
#5) Chin (between bottom lip and bottom of chin, in the groove)
#6) Collar Bone (beginning of either collar bone, just under)
#7) Collar Bone (where either collar bone and shoulder meet)
#8 ) Arm Pit (ligning up with the nipple and centre of pit)
#9) Splean (near the rib cage)
#10) Wrist (where a watch would go on either wrist)


"Even though I have this depression (negative emotion of any kind) , I completely love and accept myself"

When you are going through the procedure, you need to feel the emotion that you want to release. The brain needs to know what part of the energy system needs repair.... for depression, feel hopeless, stuck, down etc when you are doing this technique. If you don't feel the emotion while doing this technique it will not work. Just saying which emotion you want to release isn't enough.. this is very important while applying this.... I can't stress this enough... the only thing that links the sub-concious mind to the energy system is the feelings (thoughts)

Putting it all togeather

the script and tapping will be applied at the same time repedatively.

#1) Put your index + middle finger togeather
#2) Practice tapping each energy meridian point (tap each point about seven or eight times with index+middle finger #1) through #10) in order)
#3) Practice the script
#4) Find a way to feel the emotion that you want to release
#5) Put it all togeather!

Tap each meridian point with your index + middle finger seven or eight times #1 through #10 while saying "even though I have this depression (negative feeling), I completely love and accept myself" repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, etc

You don't have to count how many times you are tapping each point, as long as the energy system is being stimulated.... make the transitions between each point smooth and make the taps hard enough to stimulate it but not so hard that it hurts...

This technique can be used for several different things....
As long as it has something to do with the energy system... (emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, fears, phobias, allergies, panic attacks, nervousness) sometimes physical pains are actually caused by emotional stress as well.

I have spoken to many people that have walked free from depression, applying this technique just a couple of times, but usually it needs to be re-applied to completely wipe out the emotion, especially if it is tied to alot of other issues.

Lots of times people will release the emotion of depression but they still feel that there is something bringing them down. They realise that anger, resentment, loneliness also play big roles in depression, and as soon as they are adressed, peace of mind is theirs again.


"even though I feel like giving up"
"even though I feel lonely"
"even though I feel like I'm about to cry"
"even though I have this depression"
"even though I have this anger"
"even though I feel that I don't deserve to get better"
"even though I want to hurt myself"
"even though I feel stuck"
"even though I feel worthless"
"even though I feel that I have been taken advantage of"
"even though I have this resentment"

"I completely love and accept myself"

All day, every day, energies are being processed through our energy system just like food through the digestive system. Just like when a piece of gum gets stuck in the digestive system, a result of not having enough fiber, energy is also stuck because it was too over whelming or traumatizing to deal with. A chemical in-balance is the result of negative thoughts and emotions, and constipation is a result of the lack of fiber.

ps: everything stated is in my opinion (and all other EFT testimonials) I'm not a specialist or a doctor, I am just sharing this from experience (I have released severe depression and anxiety from myself) and reporting facts from what the professionals and studies say.
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First Helper warren

replied May 18th, 2007
The dwelling upon immaterial 'energies' seems like a valid distraction technique. Even though we recognize they are arbitrary, we humans have a sense of subjugation and appreciation of ancient methods. They hold an awe and mysteriousness. 'Energy points', 'meridians' may be arbitrary in relation to the emotional archtypes they're associated with, but we can harness a superstition that even if we let go of, a part of our subconscious may not, and in that find a tool to use for therapy.

Although it's kind of strange to divide the mind up like this as almost a separate sort of person to fool.
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replied July 14th, 2009
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