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Someone Please Help Me (swollen Gland) Im Loosing My Mind

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Hi all. I am a 23 year old female who has been having problems.
It all started when i found a pea sized node begind my ear (About a year ago) Dec 23 i had a new one pop up about the size of a quarter on the right side of my neck.

I went and seen numerous doctors who said it was nothing.
I had a liver resection for a benign tumor called a FNH back in march and every since then i have ran a low grade fever 99.0 99.5

My question is since i have had surgery can this be the cause of the fever still? I had a cbc,abdominal catscan,and numerous chest x-rays which are all fine.

I do have sinus problems only with my nose it stays blocked all the time
My throat was sore when the second gland came up but the gland till has not went away and i am so scared i have lymphoma (Dad died from it)

How long is normal for a gland to stay swollen (I do touch it alot)
It is mobile but a little part of it feels fixed. Will my nose cause this?

Someone please help me...I just started a new job and cant be sick!
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replied May 17th, 2007
Hi Ms,

I'm sorry you're so upset. Sometimes my lymph nodes will stay swollen, or at least somewhat raised, for months at a time. It could be nothing but an allergy. I know you have been to several doctors, but there is bound to be one out there who can help you fit the puzzle pieces together. Keep looking.

You're in my prayers, and please let us know how you arte doing.

Richard Day Gore
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replied May 22nd, 2007
Hey MSMagic,

You still have the node. You never let me know what the ENT said about it. Last I heard from you, you were going to see and ENT. Let me know.

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replied October 7th, 2010
I had a ear infection that caused a node on the right side of my neck to swell. the ear infection cleared up, but the node stayed swollen at 2 centimeters. i went to an ent and had the node biopsied. it showed squamous cell carcinoma. i am a smoker and the cancer started in my right tonsil. i've since had a pet scan, showing no spread. i'm scheduled to have the tonsil removed and radiation and chemo to follow. so, even if a node is cancerous, it does not mean a death sentence. the cleveland clinic thinks they can wipe this out in a couple of months, so if you have a node that stays swollen, go to an ent and get a biopsy. it could save your life. i had cat scans & blood work but they showed nothing until i had the node biopsied. if you're in northeast ohio i can recommend a great ent from the cleveland clinic.
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