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Am I Lacking Something?

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of late i have been getting cramps in my toes and a sort of uncontrolable stretching of the legs
when i stretch them it takes on a life of it,s own
also i am getting pain in the groin area that seems to be connected to the hip bone and my right upper front leg gets painfull and am finding it hard to go up and down steps when it does this as the strength also goes from the front top bone area where the pain is.
i have been thinking i may be lacking a vitamin or mineral can anyone help with this?
i have only had this the last 3 or 4 months and the pain comes and goes it may not be there every day but the cramps and stretching is
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replied June 20th, 2011
For bones take vitamin D supplement and for cramping you may need to drink more water. Could be dehydration so buy smart water for electrolytes or you can soak cucumber in water and make your own smart water. (Cucumbers have electrolytes)
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replied July 8th, 2011
Although there are lots of vitamin and mineral suppliments out there, I have found it very hard to know what my individual body actually needs. You get told one thing by the health service then next week it's something different in the press. Two years ago I had a recurring illness where I was constantly ill. I would just recover and then suddenly get something again. I ended up taking bucket loads of vitamin C, but it didn't do anything. Eventually I got recommended to look at free sites like questionmyhealth .com and this ended up sorting the problem. Instead of just random recommendations for vitamins, you get a profile for what you're individual body actually needs. Anyone who is interested enough to visit this website in my opinion would benifit from looking into their health, and sorting out what your body needs. A multivitamin may not always do the trick.
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