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First Timer In Trying 2 Get Pregnant Any Suggestions?

hi my name is laura i'm 20 yrs old. when i was 16 i started my 1st period and then i didn't have it 4 6 mos. i had polycysticfibrous and so i had 2 go on bc pills orthotricyclen and stayed on that until i was 18 and got married. my parents r both military and that is y i could afford all the meds and doc visits. now that i am married for almost 2 yrs this june my new doc gave me provera and clomid. i took my last pill of clomid on thurs and my period has stopped. now my husband and i r going 2 start trying 4 kids. is there anything u guys can say 2 help. i've read up alot on ovulation and my doc said 2 try doing it every other day. i know i've talked alot but i thought id let my short story b told

waiting for replies can't wait
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