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Did My Mum Have Lupus?

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My late mother had a question mark over her diagnois of SLE, she was hospitalised for several weeks and there are so many unanswered questions as to whether she did have this disease. All medical reports say SLE ? I have received my mothers medical records because my twin sister has medical problems that the hospital cant get to the bottom off (she has one or two autoimmune probs already). I have listed below some blood test results of my mothers and some comments, if anybody can give me their opinion if she did have SLE.
(From Heamatologist) This lady has profound neutropenia secondary to peripheral consumption. This is probably an autoimmune based probelms and connected to the likely hood of a MCTD.

INR, U's & E's, calcium, B12, folate are normal, except ferritin is slightly high at 158. White cell blood count low at 1.2, neutrophilis low at 0.17, heamoglobin 10.4, CRP of 104, albumen is low at 28. Blood culture, urine culture and sputum culture are negative. Rheumatoid factor is positive at 138, DNA positive at 1:12000 igC. Hep 2000 cells (ANA) pistive homogenous pattern. DNA binding antibodies slightly raised at 44. ENA negative,

She also had test results from National Blood Service in Bristol. Query autoimmune neutropenia (neutrophil count 0.8 X 10 9/L.
Granulocyte Immunology results

Indirect granulocyte chemiluminenscene test. Weak positive with 7/8 donors.
Indirect granulocyte immunofluorescence test. Negative
Indirect lymphocyte immunoflurenscence test. negative
MAIGA assays. Negative
Indirect lymphocyte immunofluorescence test: Negative
HLA class I anitbodies - MAIPA & ELISA essays. Negative.

These results suggest the presence of granulocyte-reactive antibdoes in this patiient. These antibodies reacted indeptendantly of HNA-1, -2 & -3 and HLA class I antigens and could not be charaterized futher.

Can anybody tell me what all these tests mean.

She had suffered from Rhuematoid Arthritis for approx 40 years and doctors then confirmed that there is very little in the way of clinical features of a rheumatological illness. We never received a diagnosis of what she died of (She suffered a stroke prior to this) doctors told us there was numerous things going on, suffered dementia, wasting also. Death certificate states brain disease.

Thanks for you help

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