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Hip & Elbow Pain

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I am a 73 year old woman. Almost every night while sleeping I awaken with hip pain on either side. I will turn over to the opposite side and sleep for awhile til I am awakened with pain on that side. If I get up and walk for a minute the pain goes away. During the day I can walk and do activities without the pain. I am trying to get used to sleeping on my back, but it is difficult to get used to a new position. My favorite position used to be to sleep on my stomach but now I have osteoporosis and cannot keep my head to either side without discomfort. Any ideas, anyone?

Another recent problem with my right elbow. Pain when moving the elbow. When trying to lift a heavy object, like my large cast iron skillet, I lose the strength in the elbow and have the pain and am unable to lift the object. Also on the skin of that same elbow feels like when you have a burn and then touch the area and it has a irritating burny feeling. The problems with the elbow occured just over a week ago. This is the best I can do with the description of the problem. Please help!
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