Hi everyone.

My sister just had a heart attack last week. She doesnt' have any health insurance or anything, so I'm trying to figure out ways to lighten their load and worries. The doctors told her that she needs an internal defibrillator. What is that? I know what a defibrillator is and does, but I had no idea that they made one small enough to fit inside someones heart.

What's the difference between a pacemaker and an internal defibrillator?

How much do they usually cost? with or without insurance?

Are there any alternatives?

Thank you and god bless.
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replied May 8th, 2007
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Yes they do make them small enough. They are called AICD's. Stands for automatic internal Cardiac Defibullator. They constantly monitor the heart and if it goes into a life threatening rhythm it will deliver a shock. A pace maker just sends out an electrical pulse to keep the heart beating a a certain pace. There are different settings on the pace maker that can confuse you so I will not tell you. And the AICD also can act like a pace maker. The cost depends on the brand but are usually 5-6 figures. If the doctors told her that she needs an AICD her heart is subseptable to these life threatening rhythms. Not much alternatives outside of very powerful medications that can have bad and long term side effects.
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