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Cosmetic Surgery Bolivia, Who Wants to Come With Me?

Hi my name is Nicole Marks,
I have been reading in many forums very good things about this company Makeover Travel located in bolivia since some months ago, they seems to be very professional and their surgeons very skilled.

I have been in touch with them for a while because I want to have full liposuction, face lift and breast lift, and now I think I am going to schedule my trip with them for August, they made me feel confident because they didnt ask me for maney to make my reservation, just my flight ticket confirmation , so as I can see there is nothing to worry about it.

I also read Malou`s opinion yesterday and I am happy for taking the good decision, because health is most important thing in the life.

Its very funny because the Person planning my trip is also Monica Chavez, so I am going to be with her also, I will write you after one month to tell you about my results and all my trip.

By the way please let me know if there is someone here who is thinking to go during the same month than me, may be we can go together and live this experience together, then we can share our stories because unfortunately I am going by my self because no one can come with me that date even if they give me for free my partner`s stay.

Well in case there is someone who wants to come with me please write me to:
[email protected]
looking forward for your answer

Nicole Marks
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