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Thanks to All the Woman And Thi Site

i am seriously obsessed with trying ttc, i really cant help it, i want to but i no i shouldnt, i have told myself im going to stop, and my bf says we should wait till we get a house and sh*t but im still on this damn addicting site, lookin at other ways and i dunno. its just hard, i love my bf but i want a baby, to look after, teach it the ways of life and just someone to love and love me bak, i think that i think its a part of my life missing but im not sure if it is. im just really confussed about everything. im prolly just being a difficult onfused teen growing up but this site has really helped with alot of different issues and i just want to say a big fat thanks to everyone for sharing there info, opinions, stories ect, even the little things like that titanic sequel made me feel better ( caz leo is hot and i was feelin down) but i waas totaly bummed when ui foundout it was all a load of bull, lol, like most of us ladies where.
anyway thanks to everyone and all the best with ttc and i hope you all get what you want because you deserve it
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replied May 10th, 2007
I think if your BF doesn't want a baby now that you should respect his opinion. If you two are not stable (home, job etc), it is no place for a baby. Babies are a big commitment and since you are a teen you have years left to start a family. If you are looking for someone to love and to love you back you shoudl look to your BF for that...not a baby. I'm nto saying that teen months are bad by any means...I just think your admissions as to your reasons seem less than ideal especially since your BF said he want's to wait.
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