Hello everyone!
I have had lupus for a Sad long time, and have had various odd reactions along the way. I watch my diet pretty closely, but do indulge in my passion for chocolate occasionally. I got some on valentine's day and have noticed that my face rash has gotten worse when I eat it. Has anyone else found that chocolate will do this? ( I am hoping that it isn"t that.. But I have a sinking feeling it is... Sigh.)
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replied March 3rd, 2004
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Hi Sunny1!
Hi sunny1! I cannot say that I have ever had a problem with chocolate. Anyone else? It is usually the foods with sulfites that kill me...Wine being one of the worst!

Hope you find an answer! Hugs,
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replied March 4th, 2004
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Not Chocolate
No no no no no!!!!! Not chocolate, you've got to be joking! Actually, this is my comfort food and I eat it whenever I need some chemical love. You know chocolate produces the same chemical reation in your body that being in love produces. I'm not lying, it's scientific fact!

About the wine, I found wines from italy that do not add sulfites (some sulfites occure natuarally during the fermenting process) do not bother me as much. You really just have to do a little wine tasting, with say a thimble full, that's all it takes for a reaction with me.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just sit down with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate! Yum!

Have a great day,

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replied March 6th, 2004
Hi mia
i am glad to hear that chocolate is not a regular trigger for reactions for fellow lupus sufferers. Sometimes it is hard to figure out if it's even food or an external factor. I have discovered, since I posted, that it was probably a cologne my daughter got for a gift that caused my reaction. I was so glad to realize that that I ate a dove bar! Hehe
no reaction! Hooray!
Another question for you...
Has there been any talk about premarin causing problems with lupus? I had a total hysterectomy 6 months ago and am taking a very low dose hormone. ( the hot flashes were bad before and went away after the surgery and I began the pills.) now, all this time later, the hot flashes are coming back at night. I am thinking it could just be the lupus.
I will ask my gyn about it, of course, but just wondered if anyone else has had a problem with hot flashes, or night sweats, while on low dose estrogen therapy.
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replied March 7th, 2004
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I don't take hormones, but when I run fevers they always cause night sweats for me. That's how I know i'm having or ready to have a flare.

Good luck

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replied June 8th, 2010
Healthy Chocolate
Did you know that there is a real Healthy Chocolate product out there - Xoçai? I found it and I love it so much that I want everyone to know about it. Turns out that cacao is the highest antioxidant food there is and when they make it like this product - cold pressed and mixed with acai berries and blueberries it's a super health food because it's also filled with nutrients. It has helped a lot of my friends.
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