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Not Able to Go to the Bathroom Without Catheter

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I saw another posting, about someone not able 2 empty there bladder. I was in an acdnt 2 years ago, and I was told that the nerves were damanged and it takes about a year for them to come back. It's now been 2 years and I still can't release. Everything else seems fine, does anyone have any experiance, or help for me? I've seen a ton of Dr's... It seems to have them stumped.
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replied May 4th, 2007
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hi there, this happened to me when my daughter was born. my nerves in my bladder were damaged due to having an epidural and having a full bladder fr 26 hours with no catheter. i was catherterised for 2 weeks and had to wear incontinence pads for 7 weeks.

it was awful as i was only 20 and thought i would be forever like this. luckily my feeling came back gradually and i am now fully healed but i can sympathise with how you are feeling.

i really hope you get better soon and i hope you find some answers Smile
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