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Sharp Pain In Throat

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I have this sharp pain in my throat that its always in the same exact spot, sort of off to the right side in the middle of the throat. I had a terrible stomach virus about a month ago and with the stomach virus I had such bad chest pain that I had trouble breathing, but I had a few weeks in between the virus and chest pain and this pain in my throat that started. its a very weird pain, it makes it feel as though there is something in my throat and I always feel like I had to cough, however when I cough the pain is much worse. it also stings whenI breath or if I raise my voice a little.

any advice? could this just be something that had to do with the fever I had or is it something I need to go and get checked out?
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replied July 21st, 2009
someone on the other questions with sharp pain in throat said something about chroans and eagle something check them out. you might have that.
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