I had an operation a while ago on my hand and the put in metal pins to help the bones heal. The pins were left sticking out of the skin and one of the holes where the pins coming out got infected. I didnt think it was a problem for a few days but it started hurting and spreading so I went to the hospital and got some antibiotics.

Even with the antibiotics it isnt going down at all and after about 2 months of no pain at all the bones started hurting again. I was wondering if theres any chance this infection can spread to the fracture and infect the inside of my bones? Is that possible?

What can I do on the side to stop this infection? They didnt tell me to disinfect the outside but I probably should shouldnt I? If I was to take a guess id say the best way to disinfect something like this would be water and peroxide. I have some iodine too do I put that on afterwards to stop it getting infected again?
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replied May 10th, 2007
I really wouldn't do anything "on the side". o.O

You need to go to a hospital. From what I know of this thing (not that I'm a doctor) infection can spread to pretty much anywhere there are living cells.

It could be nothing, or it could be something more concerning. Basically, go to a doctor ASAP. Not kidding here, it's the first thing you need to do.
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replied March 9th, 2010
What is Serratia Marcescems?
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