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Laser Surgery Treatments For Hair Loss

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Hair loss affects more than half of the population by age 60. Start here for basic info on hair loss and types of hair loss that doctors can diagnose....
What causes hair loss? Read on for a complete list of possible causes so that you can evaluate and identify hair loss causes....
Do you know the early signs of hair loss? And when does hair loss require medical attention? Get better results for treating hair loss by identifying it early....
Hair transplantation is today considered one of the most convenient and affordable methods of medical hair restoration. No wonder it is so popular among the balding masses, though there are several alternatives to the hair transplantation method of medical hair restoration.

History of hair transplantation:- Hair transplantation surgery at first conducted in Japan around the 1930s, using small grafts to treat damaged eyebrows and lashes. After some time one American dermatologist Orentreich proved that donor grafts not only survived in the recipient areas, but actually thrived there, just as if they were natural hair. At first all surgeons transplanted only small grafts, measuring not more than 2 to 4 mm. But subsequently surgeons in Brazil came up with “micrografting” and “minigrafting” techniques, which are now familiar to us as follicular unit transplantation.

Pre-surgery precautions:- Before hair transplantation can begin the patient gets to choose between single and multiple sessions. The surgeon also provides a list of dos and don’ts he/she must stay off alcohol and medicines not prescribed by him.

Post-operative care:- The operated area must not be exposed to sunlight for some days after the surgery and shampoos and chemicals shunned. It sometimes happens that the displaced hair starts falling off from the recipient zone. This should not frighten you, it being part of the process of hair restoration. Regrowth resumes a few months later. After hair transplantation the patient loses hair only in areas where no hair had been transplanted. Some people start with medication, and not finding it effective enough move on to the hair transplantation treatment. It is the only permanent method of hair restoration on the scalp.

Cost of hair transplants:- The cost of hair transplants depends on where you get it done and the surgeon’s fees. The average cost of hair transplants ranges between $3 and $10 per graft and the number of grafts needed depends on the size of the balding area. Usually patients need between 500 and 2000 grafts, their cost ranging between $1500 to $20,000. The medical charges in hair transplantation treatment depends on how skilled the surgeon is and where you get it done.

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