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Submandibular Gland Stones - Gland Removal


I was diagnosed with submandibular gland stones a few months back when I noticed my gland would swell up quite large during and after eating. Since then I haven't had any size changes in the gland, and it has only remained slightly larger than my other gland. I've never had any pain or trouble with it. Truthfully, I would hardly notice it right now if I hadn't known previously.

My concern is I'm scheduled to have it removed this upcoming Monday, and I am beginning to have serious doubts about it. My physician warned it could become infected without removal, but I haven't had any size changes, or pain associated with it, so I'm debating putting it off. The only thing I notice about it is it is more firm than my other gland, but since I got it checked out a few months back it hasn't gotten bigger while eating at all.

Anyways, looking for advice as far as possibility of infection if it doesn't get removed, or anything really. Thanks.
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replied March 9th, 2009
submandibular gland stones - gland removal
hi i had this when I was 14 years old, I am now 30. They couldn't remove the stone as it sat on my tongue nerve and they removed the gland. I'm now getting problems from the stone as it has grown bigger. If i never got the gland removed it would have caused infection through my whole glands. I suggest you get the gland and the stones removed. As I'm now to go through more surgery to get the stone removed. hope this is helpfull to you. Jacqueline
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replied May 23rd, 2011
Stones in throat glands
Ive had this before. The ER Dr said that my prescription was a huge bag of sour candy. Two days it was gone. If sour candy doesnt suck it out than it has to be removed. But the sour candy worked for me.
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