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I have been struggling for 6 months. I started having head pressure, it would not go away. I was told it was anxiety. I have since struggled with brain fog, difficulty thinking. Sometimes some body jerking at night when I sleep. I have Diffuculty excercising and I often type words with letters backwards. I am currently trying out an anxiety medication. But I still feel terrible. I feel like it is ruining my life. I am scheduled to see a nuerologist next week and hope to have complete MRI's of my head done. Anybody have any suggestions on what might be going on or what I should check out?


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replied May 20th, 2007
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Body jerking could be restless leg syndrome. Did this show up after you were put on med for anxiety (possible side effect)?

Brain fog can come from lack of adequate sleep, which could be due to restless leg syndrome.

Try eliminating caffeine, drinking a large glass of orange juice every day, and supplementing with folic acid (folate) b6 b12 and magnesium may be helpful.

Good luck and God bless!
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replied May 29th, 2007
Brain Fog...
Do not automatically assume you need to take anxiety pills... They will only lead to more problems in the long run.

Try some dietary changes and take some supplements.

Best of luck
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replied July 3rd, 2007
The hardest thing to do when you feel so crummy, is to research your problems, however, only you know what your feeling and what is normal for you. I would encourage you to do some research on the topics below. In your case I believe it is a good idea to go to the neurologist and proceed with the MRI. I would continue to take the medication for anxiety until you see a specialist. I would still do research between now and then, and don't give up hope if the results are normal. I would also recommend seeing an MD that specializes in FMS/CFS/MS/Lupus, or a Reumatologist.


FMS - Fibromyalgia
CFS - Chronic Fatigue
MS - Multiple Sclerosis
Restless Leg Syndrome

Reviewing these may lead to looking into other conditions as well. Many sites with have questionaires that will help identify your symptoms. I hope this helps, please feel free to write if you have more questions.
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replied December 20th, 2007
I Have Exactly What You Have
I had the brain fog you describe for about one year. I would have conversations with people and forget what we had just talked about 5 minutes later. I went through my chain of doctors with no explanation of what was wrong with me. If you want to get rid of this mind fog take olive leaf extract. You can find it at any health nutrition store. Get some with a high % of oleuropein. I have to take four a day otherwise I the brain fog comes back along with the weird dull constant headaches and the marked fatigue during the middle of the day. I really hope this helps because I know exactly how you feel right now. God Bless
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replied September 27th, 2008
brain fog
Like all of you I have had brain fog for ages. Please check out if you have diabetes and are on a sugar high. Also check out your liver as this can be a symptom of liver disease.
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replied April 19th, 2010
brain fog,
also check out fish tapeworm, it robs you of b12, cramps mussel and numbness in legs and arms. give you fatigue symptones
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