Hi all
my poor hubby of 30 years was jsut diagnosed with psuedogout.
His knees are pretty bad. He is extremely active and has always been. He golfs, fishes and he use to play hockey until his knees got really bad. He is currently undergoing synevis treatments but his one knee seems to be constantly full of water. His dr wont do knee replacement and its breaking my heart to see him like this. Everything seems to make it worse lately and i am looking for a way to help him to gain some relief at least so that he can golf
Does anyone have any ideas on how to help him
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replied October 16th, 2007
hi, I also have psuedogout and only 49 years old. It's very painful and never gets any better. There is no cure for it and the only relief I found is a medicine called colchicine. It's only a temporary relief and not good for you from what I have read. I wish they would find a cure for it.
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replied October 22nd, 2007
Try This
I have had gout off and on for the past 12 years. The early episodes were rather mild and easy to stop, but the more recent ones have been more intense and much harder to knock out. I've tried just about everything including daily allopurinol to try to stop attacks from coming on and then colchicine when an attack occurs. The colchicine well, but it's very hard on your stomach.

What I have found recently is that tart cherry concentrate, available in most natural food stores and some chain grocery stores, works very well at keeping gout attacks at bay. I drink two ounces every day and I have been gout free for the past eight months. I haven't had to watch what I eat either. I eat what I want every day, but don't ever go without drinking the cherry juice. There are different kinds out there, but I have found the best products made from either balaton or montmorency cherries.

It's not very scientific, but it sure works for me.
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replied October 27th, 2007
a Miracle Product For Psuedogout Patient In My Experience
I am too an old gout having man.
In between i followed an ayurvedic doctor which was very much effective in gout pain.

He prescribed me a medicine cum natural perfume named "ROGAN-E-BALSA, asli".
I was advised to take this with a warm glass of milk twice a day.
i use to dip a one end of a glass stick and a quarter part of drop which sticked was to be mixed in warm milk of glass and drink once in morning and other evening.
Amazingly this worked like a miracle and the attacks were reduced considerably.
About a month later i was advised to reduce the dose to one glass a day.
Later during the end of 2nd year i used to take a glass once in a week and attacks were disappeared.
And a time came when i reduced to a glass in a month.
after about 3/4 months from starting this theory, the attacks were totally vanished.

But when i stopped taking it, the gout appeared again and my doctor advised me not to continue because it proved failed. He was expecting a total and permanent elimination. So i discountinued.

If people have no objection in taking it continously, i feel thay can avoid attacks.

Further a CAUTION to mention that i was made aware that this medicine should be taken only by a GOUT patient. If a normal person intakes, it can be dangerous and result in loss of blood in urine/latrine.
The dosage also is advised as say a quarter part of a drop at once.
Ofcourse i never had those problems during that period.

"Rogan E balsa-asli" is originating from a tree in mecca-madina. Hence easily available in those countries. There are chances that you get a substitute if tried in other places instead of original. It is also used a perfume in many places.

I have tried all ayurvedic, allopathic, unani, homeopathic medicines in last 20 years and naturopathic too but none is proved to be absolute.

Colchicine had an instant effect but had very bad reaction on digestive system. I had to face a stomach disorder for very long time after i took that.

Hope this information would be useful for some people here.
Effects may differ from a person to person.

By th eway i am a pure vegetarian, no alcohol, no cigars, no tobacco, no tea, no cofee.
Be positive and enjoy.
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replied September 29th, 2009
I am 49 years old, I have had psuedo gout for 10 years now. I used to play basketball three times a week and would be in pain after I played. the pain and swelling I used to blame on my football playing days or basketball days in my young adult years. now it is a struggle to try to play golf a couple of times a week. I have had 4 surgeries to remove the calcium crystals from my major joints. ankles and knees. I periodically have shots in my hips.

I have found that aleve (naproxin) is the best for the swelling, I also use indomethin periodically if I have a bad case. Message therapy when I have a bad bout helps keep the joints loose and the helps with the swelling in the joints.

I wish someone out there could put some money into this and find a cure. I guess it is common in old men, so no one cares. It is us young active guys that really suffer. now I walk like an old man and I am only 49!

I also, like the previous man, don't smoke, drink, or hot drinks like coffee or tea.

I have always taken care of my body, weight lifting is still an option, my cardio excercise is limited because of my lack of movement in my joints.

Any one else have any ideas, let me know
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replied June 26th, 2010
23 Year Old Son Diagnosed with Psuedogout
My 23 year old son was just diagnosed with psuedogout and was not offered much in help. He had his first bout 1 month ago and the pain was extreme. They drained his knee three times in three days as the fluid was built up in large quantities. He missed work for 5 days with the first bout and has since had two more flare ups that were not as intense. Three in one month and they just tell him to get on an aspirin regiment. He is a very active man and I am hoping this does not continue.
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