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Anyone Taking Lyrica For Seizures And Migraines?

i've had migraines my whole life. nothing has helped. i'm always being put on something new, when others have failed. recently was put on lyrica for migraines and epilepsy. please tell me personal experiences with lyrica. keppra almost caused divorce. i do not like side effects and starting on a new drug always scares me now, after HORRIBLE experience with keppra. any information would be GREATLY appreciated! the only thing that has ever remotely helped with my migraines, was botox. and now, it no longer works.
by the way, my epilepsy was diagnosed in 2005. i have been told by 4 different neurologists, that my migraines have caused my epilepsy.
please give me advise!
thank you
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replied July 9th, 2007
I've been on Lyrica for atleast 6 months. The only real side effect I'm dealing with is weight gain. I'm taking it along with Trileptal. My seizures haven't got any worse, but not any better.
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replied August 2nd, 2007
Lyrica was horrible for me. It gave me unstoppable, uncontrollable seizures, but I believe that is very, very rare.

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