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2 Wks Post Surgery And Feeling Quite Good!

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April 5th i had my gallbladder removed, i had the pain since august of 06 but it became more frequent, such as once a week in january after i had my daughter in december, finally went to the ER in february, they said i had one good sized stone and the wall of my gallbladder was thick. SO removal was best. April 4th i had an endoscopy done to make sure I didnt have stomach ulcers or something , the dr here said stomach ulcers can mimic gallstone pain, the endoscopy wasnt bad at all, they gave me sedation meds and a tranquilizer although i didnt feel the affects of either until after the endoscopy. Next day was surgery it wasnt until near 2pm. Surgery went well, weird dr even taped the bag with the stones to me lmao , stupid me actually brought it home with me lmao. It was 6:30pm when i was awake and got to go back to my room. I was in a little pain but nothing compared to the pain of gallstones. They gave me pain meds in the hospital , here in germany its not outpatient surgery so i went wednesday the 4th and htey kept me and i got out on sunday april 8th i think it was it was easter sunday. I got no pain meds at all. But i wasnt in as much pain as i thought i would be suprisingly after reading all the horror stories on here lol. It was a little hard to get up from sitting. Right after surgery witht he air still in my belly from surgery it traveled up and into my shoulders and that hurt really bad but i got a medication they said to take , not sure what it was i was in a german hospital but it helped. they gave me stitches too one in each of the 3 holes and 3 in my bellybutton i also had a hernia fixed. i feel pretty much back to normal now. I think pizza though irritates me a little , like sorta feels like gallstone pain but more uncomfortable then painful so its nothing bad, i havent tried to take anything to help, maybe just avoid pizza lol. All in all it turned out better then expected. I can pretty much eat normally.
just thought id share my good news since alot have horror stories on the surgery and not everyone ends up like that. Better to have some good stories for people to read when searching the internet about gallstones and gallbladder removal etc.
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