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Confused - No Period, But Spotting

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Hi all,

I am very new to this forum and a wannabe mom.I used 'answer' OPK on 30 and 31st of March and I "thought" it came positive.THese sticks are so difficult to read anyways, so I maybe wrong.My husband and I had intercourse on 30th 31st and 2ndhad

My doc took a blood test on 3rd ( my day of ovulation as per her calc from my prev cycle) and told me that my progesterone level was too low and I havent ovulated.So I gave up hopes of being pregnant during this cycle.

Now, my period is 2 days late, was due on 15th April.I spotted (pinkish discharge) on 15th ( the day of my expected period) but it was very faint and appeared only while I was cleaning up with a paper.I thought I was starting my period cos I was too far away from the implantation day and I let it go.But I havent had any sign since then.No crmaps but severe low back pain ( just like my period or even more).No other symptoms except very very dry mouth and I have to have water every 10 min, which causes more frequent urination(of course).I get terrible hot flashes.

Any thoughts?Could I be pregnant.I know noone can answer this but I am so excited but jittery at the same time.Wish me luck!
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replied April 17th, 2007
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I Am Going Through Almost the Same Thing
I expected my period the 11th and from that day until 15th had spotting that was brown like old blood and only really when i wiped. I am also extremely dehydrated and need lots of water but then i drink too much and feel sick. I have also had hot flashes and now my boobs feel huge and my nipples are sore. I took a pregnancy test today and it came back negative.

So anyway, I have done alot of reading about implantation bleeding and there is no one time that implantation bleeding happens. If that makes sense. It can happen around the time of your period, before or even after. It also can be really light or really heavy. Basically they call any type of bleeding around that time frame as implantation bleeding. Because everyone is different they give estimates of what they think it should be.

I say cross your fingers, wait another long couple days and test again. And I am still waiting to see if I am or not. So the best of luck to you.
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replied July 21st, 2007
Hi. I have just checked my ovulation calendar and it said my 1st date for being most fertile was the 14th and my partner and i were 'together' on that date. I dont keep a track of my ovulation and a few years ago I had 1/2 my ovaries removed so it's harder for me to concieve. But on the 18th I noticed I was spotting, more dark discharge with a red and by the next afternoon it had finished. My breasts are slightly larger and I'm getting headaches. My last period started on the 5th of this month, so it's not due for another 2 weeks or so. Is it possible Im pregnant and is it too early to do a pregnancy test?
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