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Back Again - Important [early Period On Bc] Possible?

Hey girls. I just finished my "regular" pills in my packet.. tomorrow im starting on the sugar pills. I have a question on spotting - cause im not too sure about this. I've had light spotting for about 6 days, and yesterday it seemed like it became a real period - it was really heavy.. and its the same today. Is it possible to get your period like 2 days EARLY before you start the sugar pills? Cause i know the pills mess with your system for the first couple months or so. Or is this just heavy spotting? i had cramps lastnight along with when i was spotting, which i heard was normal. Please, let me know! thanks Smile
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replied April 14th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
It is normal for the first few months.

When you are on the pill, the only 'period' you get is on the placebo pills, any other bleeding is just called breakthrough bleeding/spotting.
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