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Non Medical Treatment For Asthma??

i was never officially diagnosed with asthma 3 years ago i woke up and was having problems breathing..went to the dr he gave me albuterol inhaler used it for 3 years i had to use it everyday several times a day for 3 years then i was no longer under insurance and i still had my albuterol but it started affecting me very negativly causing upset stomach,tightness in the chest,extreme anxiety while this happened i took xanax to combat the anxiety and then felt worse on that after about 5 almost positive my breathing problems are due to allergies.i bought an air purifier really hasnt made a huge as i stand right now i really prefer not using any medicines do to recent events im scared to use anything..i have xopenex inhaler now i was giving azmacort steroid and singulair but to scared to use any of these things due to side effects i might im looking for alternative treatments to prevent breathing problems vitamins herbs and other products thanks alot
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First Helper vinceb1

replied April 16th, 2007
Non Medical Treatment
I am not sure if this is the case with you, but, I have heard that adult onset asthma is often parasites that build in your entire body. I'm not a dr, but I believe in using homeopathic remedies as well as medical, I also had asthma for much of my life and I hate the inhalers, they burn. I know God gave people the gift of healing in the medical field as well as natural healers. You should check with your doctor first, but I got a colon cleanse at, there are hundreds of testimonials. We got drastic results from the product, from weight loss, to psoriasis clearing up, my allergies didn't bother me for the whole first month. I have stopped doing the cleanse because I'm very forgetful and I regret stopping the program. It was really helping all of us who were doing it. It gave us energy, healthy BM's, less bloating after meals, help with my allergies.....the list goes on.
Again, I'm not a doctor and you should consult your doctor, but I believe in this product. Our whole family has used it.
P.S. When my allergies are bothering me, I get a stuffy nose and headaches real bad, I use a saline rinse. The one I use is called AYR, it's a bottle with powdered saline packets. They really help wash out the germs and dust. I feel that it helps shrink my swollen nasal passages as well.
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replied April 19th, 2007
Try changing your lifestyle by eating healthy, organic food, avoiding stress, exercising moderately and sleeping well.
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