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Brief Psychosis Or Schizophrenia?? Unsure

hi all. when i was in 6th grade i started to believe out of nowhere that i was the last decendant of the dinosaurs and that there was a parallel universe to which i was to unlock after i graduated from NYU studying paleontology. i believed that i was to go to the desert (unsure which one) and find the key to the parallel dimensions. (this happened shortly after i had watched super mario brothers the movie. the real life one that really sucked. anyways) and that i had a special power, which i called yoshi. i believed and felt like i just needed to concentrate and then all of a sudden i would feel really warm all over. i felt like i could call upon answers to tests and that i would get 100s every time. i felt like my "power" would lead me to the right answer. like looking at the letters of the choices and concentrating really hard would make one answer pop out from all the rest. i would hear voices, one of which i believed to be God trying to tell me that i was wrong, the other my "power" trying to convince me that it was right and i really was the princess of an alternate world. the "god" voice and the power voice would fight with each other and i would hear this. (unsure if i was kind of forcing the voices to come or not). i convinced myself i was adopted and i would spend countless hours planning for when and where i would find my true home. i continued with this delusion for a year until one day i woke up and realized it wasnt real. just like that it went away. the voices and everything.
another event that im not sure is relavent but ill throw it out there. i was 16 and had started having hallucinations of my previous sexual offender touching me again. i felt their hands all over me. this continued for a good hour. it occured again a year later. since then i havent had anything of the sort happen, but ive always wondered what my problem was and id love some input. thank you!
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replied April 12th, 2007

What an intresting story.....
some people with conditions of rapid beliefs i explain them as, the even where the moon swicth places with the sun..... i shall go deeper into this.... carl jung explains the fact where people define their realities with arch types and dreaming selves...

the moon is your subconsious dreaming personality....
the sun is your waken reality, how ever you choose to perceive it...

we could be dinosours, lol... there could be another dimension....
there could be some form of mystical power called yoshi....
the divine dreamer within you isplaying that game, the game of defining purpose....

as you get older and mature, you just realise.....
that you were just wandering in the time where you could just see more than usual....
i advice, for you to apprach a dream intreperter, and combine your experiance, as if it was one dream... and see what the intrepreter can explain to you......... you mite be very well surprised...

peace out violet ones
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replied April 13th, 2007
Maybe it wasnt a hallucination. Call me an irrational !**@! but I think theres alot more to this world than meets the eye. One night after staying up 48+ hours on speed something caught my eye on my table. It was a little piece of cellophane straw wrapper plastic but that was moving extremely fast for no reason at all. When I went in for a closer inspection it stopped moving and a voice in my head said "This is a parallel universe, we`re demons and your stuck in the middle of our world and your own". I said "thats pretty !**@! cool" and the voice replied "no its not cool" so I dealt with it the only way I know how by shouting at it and tormenting it until it shut up.

Its strange stuff because ever since even when im sober I see these tiny little balls or air, like air but a darker shade of air flying all around the room in my peripheral vision. Some of them are black shadows but the ones i see easiest are the little airwaves. Little air dots thats the best I can explain them. It drives me insane that I see these things but dont have the vocabulary to describe them. The closest i can come to describing them is like those orbs you see in ghost documentaries only these ones are much smaller and less conspicuous and move and 50 times faster most of the time.

I always ponder the thought that maybe its those rods that move way too fast to be percieved directly.
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replied April 25th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
If you are not experiencing symptoms all the time, then it is not schizophrenia. It could be many other things, though. I would go see a psychologist. However, it is very likely that it was brought about by your sexual abuse--

I would suggest seeking therapy if it is a recurring problem. From a licensed psychologist. At least to deal with the sexual abuse.

Yes, you are correct about Carl Jung's ideas-- but during his time they used the term schizophrenia to mean anyone who wasn't acting normal. And he used his ideas to treat people and help make them better, to find out the cause of their problems, not to explain why they were dealing with the things they were. Personally, I believe that there is some truth to Jung's ideas, but not in a way that we can really use.
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replied April 25th, 2007
i have so many different views on the subject, it's not even funny. first of all, it COULD be schizophrenia. even if you don't have symptoms all the time. my mom is schizophrenic and she can be perfectly fine and normal for months at a time. especially if you take your psychotic meds.
these times you speak of, could also be seizures. i am epileptic. i've never experienced anything that you mention, but when i was first diagnosed with epilepsy, in 2004, i purchased SEVERAL books on the subject. i have read many case studies that sound alot like that.
my next opinion....i do believe in parallel dimensions. i believe in reincarnation. children can have previous life memories, that an adult may never have. maybe THAT'S what you were experiencing.
there are so many possibilities.
a few risks you might want to be aware of...
if you continue to hear voices, see things, have god talk to you, (or the devil, etc) seek medical attention immediately. don't be ashamed. don't be afraid people will think you are crazy. one of the hardest things to deal with is the thought of loved ones thinking you have "gone crazy". people get kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease. so what is so different and socially unaccepted to incur BRAIN disease. and that's all schizophrenia is, is a brain disease. you can not help it, if that becomes your diagnosis. and it will NOT CURE ITSELF. medication is really the only answer and help. but once you have been diagnosed and are taking medication, know and understand that more than likely, the voices will start to cease. when this happens, most people think they are cured and will take it upon themselves to stop taking their meds. and the nightmare will start all over again.
#2 - if you do some reading and find yourself believing to be having seizures. also, seek medical attention. the stuff i have read seems to be when people start having strange thoughts like this and it continues and gets worse and worse, they will all of a sudden have a gran mal. it could be YEARS after your first initial "strange thought". and THAT'S when most people finally get diagnosed with TRUE epilepsy.
#3 - if you think you actually are experiencing cool dimensional realizations...welcome it. you are special. i only dream of being able to be in touch with my reincarnated soul. don't be afraid of it, welcome it and have fun with it.
recently, i have actually trained myself to have out-of-body experiences. it has taken YEARS!, but i finally did it a few weeks ago, but haven't done it since. but it was the coolest thing i have ever experienced. and it was proven to be so. (by telling a person what he was doing, while i wasn't even there and was "asleep" at the time)
but don't get carried away and start to believe things that are not true. this could lead to worsening psychosis if you are indeed schizophrenic.
if this has not helped you at all...i apologize.
if it has, than wonderful.
p.s. i hope you reading all of this does not worsen your confusion.
whatever you find out, good luck. and if you ever need to "talk" to someone about schizophrenia, let me know. i feel as though i am an expert on the disease, as my mother has had it for the past 24 years.
take care.
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replied April 26th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
When I said it wasn't schizophrenia, I meant that any psychologist following the DSM IV standards wouldn't diagnose schizophrenia based on just that one symptom, which doesn't seem to be all the time, and doesn't seem to really impede the person's life. I'm not saying it's not a problem, just not what we define schizophrenia as right now.

But I am very interested in the theory about epilepsy. I think it's a possibility. When you start having any strange perceptional abnormalities, I think it's time to get your brain checked to rule out any neurological damage.

Last thing- I think it is fine to believe in parallel dimensions or anything else, and doing so does not mean you are crazy or whatever. But I think we can't use these things (like Jung's ideas) to diagnose a problem. People who have schizophrenia have a serious debilitating disease, and if we treat it not as a disease but as a spiritual phenomena, then we have to way of treating it or no standard method to help the person. And since we do have medical treatments for schizophrenia (though of course they are not miracle cures), I think that that is the best way to approach the problem and bring help to the person suffering.
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