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Hi all,
i was wondering what peoples views on early morning readings were. My readings on meds are around 140/80 nowadays. But I have noticed a reduced figure early on in the morning. I understand the principle that due to your body being in a state of relaxtion over night you bp readings will always be lower. But at present i'm getting straight out of bed and going downstairs to take my readings prior to showering, shaving etc. This will always show readings lower because i'm only half awake, but should I be doing this because is it really giving me a true figure (apparantly not if you consider all other reading throughout the day). Any views would be appreciated???

Regards paul
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replied May 8th, 2005
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Coming from a first aider... Since eating or any movement affects bp... Enerally in the morning.. Before meals or any activity.. Ur bp will be lower... This is the pressure when you are at rest. You can get ur average pressure by taking bp at the same time of 2 days and average it out... I recommend taking bp when you are resting before bed time.. To obtain accurate results...

140/80 is actually quite high for bp.... Average and normal bp sits around 120/80...

Hope this answers your question... Take care =)
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replied November 18th, 2009
I have actually noticed the same thing. However, I always get nervous when I take mine. My dr. actually has me watching it right now. Once a week for 3 weeks. It gets up to about 140/96 sometimes in the evening. However, when I take it in the AM my bp has been about 126-131/75. Heart disease and high blood pressure run in my family, but idk if it would still be considered high due to the fact that when Im resting it seems pretty normal. Also, I am only 20 years old so i think im a little young for high blood pressure. Any suggestions?
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